Welcome and stay tuned for more

Thanks for stopping by!

We are currently planning our great escape!

Next July, we will be leaving New York and traveling down the Pan-American highway to Ushuaia in a cargo van.  We will stop along the way to work on farms, hostels, and wherever else we can find work.

Join us on our journey as we sell all of our things, buy a van, remodel it, and hit the road!

Before we leave, we will be sharing our progress on how we are saving money, remodeling our van, and telling our families about our great adventure! (Oh, and also cooking on a budget in a tiny NYC apartment!)

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to contact us!

Picture from the Highline in NYC

3 thoughts on “Welcome and stay tuned for more

    1. Gary, the way my facial hair grows I would look like ZZ Top by the time the trip was done. I was thinking instead, I would shave my head completely bald before we left and than not cut it again until I return.

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