The Big Decision

There was a once a plan, laid out long ago.  This plan was laid out, most likely, by the most evil of people. I can picture this person in my mind, with his button down white shirt, red power tie and strong coffee breath as he barks his marching orders about synergy and deadlines for the reports you know he is about to take credit for. He points and laughs at everyone as he chains them to their own personal hell…the cubicle.

I spent a brief amount of time in a cubicle…about half a day before turning down the promotion that put me in that miserable prison. That was about a year ago and I never regretted that moment, although many around me could not understand turning down the possibility of advancement but the most valuable lesson learned in those few hours in that small, fake room was that money TRULY isn’t everything.

My wonderful fiancé had figured this out many years ago when she decided to give up a great job to see the world about a year before we met.  She was the one who came up with the idea of us leaving it all behind so that we can travel the world.

It took a bit of convincing and some time but eventually this was the result.

Image     The picture above was how our living room looked when I expressed to her I wanted to do this together.  All the trinkets from our various trips, along with my backpack and travel guitar and the obligatory bottle of champagne to celebrate rested on our coffee table. I stood her up and got down on one knee and asked her “Will you travel the world with me?” Her immediate response was yes, followed by a great deal of disbelief, but eventually I managed to convince her that this wasn’t some elaborate and horribly evil prank of mine.

So, with that one question and single word answer (solidified with us finishing that delicious bottle of champagne) our decision was made and our journey was about to begin. Next up, the search for the van and telling everyone we love about our idea of driving down the Pan-American Highway for a year.

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