Not Surprised

We have spent the past two weeks letting everyone know what our plans are and everyone officially thinks we are crazy. So many tears and so many people think we are foolish and will die. No sane person in their right mind would ever even consider doing such a dangerous and crazy thing….is some of what we expected to hear anyway.

The conversations actually went more like this:

Us: We’re leaving our jobs and moving into a van for a year to drive down to the tip of South America.

Them: I was wondering when you guys would do something like that.

I guess our loved ones know us well. No one was surprised, few disagreed, many promised to visit and many wished they could do something like it (which usually lead us into a conversation of why not…parents beware, this is all part of the Van Nomad agenda, we will turn your children into wandering nomads as well)

One thought on “Not Surprised

  1. And THIS is why I KNEW you would be a great fit for Meet, Plan, GO!. NO one thinks you’re crazy – we just want to hear all about it and cheer you on. So excited for you both!

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