Plans Change

When Maria and I originally came up with this idea we had wanted to leave in January…start the trip on a nice note…you know…with a New Year’s hangover. We then remembered her niece was coming to visit all the way from Argentina that month and were completely fine with pushing the start of our trek to February. A few days later we found out that she would actually be coming in July and discussions began about what we would do. We both really wanted to be there to help show her around since she had never been to New York before but I had already had my heart set on leaving work behind and starting the journey so an alternate plan was made. Some time in February, Maria and I will make our first road trip with Houdini down to Georgia. Maria will then unceremoniously and rather cold-heartedly kick me out of the van and pick me up at some point in July up in Maine. I will be making the 2,100+ mile journey across the Appalachian Trail over the course of those four months. Maria will be forced to return back to work (sucker) Once completed and after spending some time as tour guides to her niece we will then start our new lives as Van Nomads. In the meantime, I guess I’ll be the Trail Nomad. So, any thoughts on what my trail name should be?


2 thoughts on “Plans Change

  1. Saw you on HONY and can’t wait to follow your journeys! Wait for someone to give you a trail name – It’ll be more magical that way 🙂 I’m incredibly jealous of your upcoming trip! Hiking the AT is on my bucket list for sure 🙂

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