Houdini needs a top and other things I learned this weekend

It’s been a busy few weeks full of graduations, parties, birthdays, and anniversaries, but we finally were able to get to work on our future home, Houdini!  We removed the rubber floor to find a moldy carpet pad, hopefully this will be the last surprise we find (unless of course, it’s a wad of cash hidden somewhere, we’d welcome that).  We removed everything and sprayed the rusted areas with a spray that promised to protect our dear Houdini from rust.

This took longer than expected, and working inside Houdini proved to be a pain in the neck-literally.  I was standing with my head tilted forward the entire time making me realize that living like this for a year will drive me crazy (and I don’t think I need any help with that, thank you very much), and so it started my search for a high top.  I have called every junk yard in Long Island, and have not found a high top.  I found a place in NJ that installs it themselves and got a quote for 4800$ (!).  This is more than what we paid for Houdini!

So my question dear readers (all 3 of you) is: where can I get a high top?  And is it too ambitious to install it ourselves? I can borrow the tools from my brother and watch a few youtube videos and call it a day….right?

On to other things I learned over the weekend:  Our 2,000$ budget is a joke.  I think we’ll end up going over our budget.  We shall see.





Also, I am really really loved. My wonderful partner threw me a surprise gradubirthiversary party. I just graduated, had my 33rd birthday and it is our 7 year (gasp) anniversary. I think I’ll keep him.


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