Pride ’14


Yesterday, in many cities across America there were parades and festivities to honor the LGBTQ community. Fortunately enough for me, I happen to live in New York City which holds a massive 3 day long festival every year and was able to attend most of the parade.


Now, let’s face it, there are many problems in this world that need to be fixed and I think we all have certain ones that mean more to us than others, for whatever reason.  For me the LGBTQ fight for equality has always been one of the struggles most dear to me. I am not sure why it resonates with me more than any other, I am not a part of that community, have never had to deal with the struggles and persecution they have had to deal with and growing up I never was close to anyone who was a member of the community, at least not that I knew of at the time (a few came out of the closet later on as adults) but it has always been one of the issues I have felt most strongly about.

1902713_471044893040284_6843490596405944410_nOver the years this issue has only become more near and dear to me as the number of family, friends and loved ones that have decided to openly embrace being the person they were BORN to be has increased. It truly brings me joy to see the advances of the community in the legal system and when New York finally decided to allow people to marry whomever they want and DOMA was repealed I was ecstatic.


Yesterday, though, was magical. The spot I had was across the street from a church, which was flying numerous rainbow flags (not the only church I saw that day flying them.) I was able to watch two men get married. There were a number of companies showing support and while yes you can say that’s just to advertise and get customers at the same time by showing their support for LGBTQ rights they are probably also losing customers that disagree with the cause.

10437606_471044606373646_5519605776298682898_nI watched boyscouts march,

10374449_471044526373654_1845700850420940356_nthe fire and police department,


the Governor, the Mayor in his rainbow tie, along with Senators and Representatives. Also there were representatives from just about every culture you could think of. There were kids marching with two dads or moms and they could not have looked happier. I even saw a group of survivors of conversion therapy (can’t believe that is an actual thing)

Sad and inspiring at the same time. Way to stay true to yourself
Sad and inspiring at the same time. Way to stay true to yourself

There were rainbow flags everywhere and even the Empire State Building was showing some rainbow pride.  (Didn’t get a picture of that unfortunately.) I am so grateful to have been a part of the celebration and look forward to celebrating all the future progress the community makes on the march towards equality.


I hope that everyone who supports the cause constantly shows support. You’d be surprised to see how far a little sign of acceptance will go to help those who are still afraid, find the courage to be themselves.


And to those that don’t support the cause I hope you take a good hard look at the real reason why and whether it really is a good enough reason to marginalize such a large group of people and deny them their right to the pursuit of happiness.


In the end:

Wiser words have never been said
Wiser words have never been said


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