Houdini’s New Fan

Finally managed to get a little bit of time to do some work on Houdini. Installed some new hockey puck locks for added security and an exhaust fan to help keep us cool and help keep the humidity (and mold) down and to help save both the van from rust and our electronics and my guitar from the problems humidity can cause.


The locks were pretty straight forward.  Check the inside of the door to make sure you don’t drill through anything important i.e. door lock, electrical or the window.  Measure and mark your holes….IMG_0997

and then drill.  After that it’s simply installing the nuts and bolts

IMG_0998and voila…a little added security.

IMG_0999After that it was time to install the exhaust fan.

The van already had a nice flat spot on it made for a fan or a/c unit but the space was actually too big so after cleaning the area it had to be measured to size.


A 14″X14″ hole was required


Once the hole was measured, holes were drilled into the corners so the jigsaw blade could do its thing


then it was time for the moment of truth…taking a deep breath and then cutting a big hole in Houdini.


then we placed the base of the fan in (exhale because thankfully the hole was measured and cut right) and mark where the screw holes need to be drilled.


using butyl tape we placed one continuous strip around the hole making sure to cover every screw hole.


we used a 1″x2″ on the inside to drill the screws into and to make sure the fan had the recommended minimum thickness suggested


after that all that was left was to cut the extra butyl tape, put a self-leveling sealant around the base of the fan and on the screws and then screw the fan into the base.


The hard part was done.  On the inside we had to cut the plastic cover to the right size for the roof thickness and then just screw that into the wood.

IMG_2131 IMG_2132 IMG_2134And that was that.  We hooked up the electric briefly just to make sure it worked (so happy it did) but we’ll do the actual electric install once we have all the insulation installed.




One thought on “Houdini’s New Fan

  1. Hi there! Good luck with the Van remodelling, although we love our “Hulk” I love watching what other people do to their tiny spaces that become homes on wheels. Look forward to the updates.

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