Humans of New York

So, pretty exciting news today as we were feature on the Humans of New York website (  A couple of days ago I ran into Brandon Stanton (founder of HONY) in the subway and wanted to ask him some questions about photography.  As we got to talking he was interested in the story and decided he wanted to post it on his page to his 11 million followers.  1 huge problem though…I had yet to tell my boss about my big plans.  He promised to give me a few days before posting it and I spoke to my boss the next day giving him a little over 3 months notice.

10687544_817877561619679_1174492168904712350_o(photo provided by

It was a very difficult conversation to have because it is a pretty awesome job and my boss is amazing.  As I told him what the plan was he seemed very excited for us and wished us nothing but the best and even told me to make sure to give him a call whenever I get back and hopefully work for him again.

2 thoughts on “Humans of New York

  1. A friend send me this tweet. I drove from Argentina To San Francisco, Miami and after Miami New Yorl. If you read spanish I HAVE ALL IN A GOOGLE MAPS. When you get Argentina just send me a message @chetoba on Twitter. Many travelers found a home in my house during ther trips. Sorry if my english is not very well. My familly now is waiting you for join a simple TWEET with a beautifull story for tell the world that the dreams come true (original pharse!! ha ha ha ha) Keep in touch, have a nice journey

    1. Thank you and your english is great!! I would love those maps and the wife does speak spanish. She is originally from Mar De Ajo in Buenos Aires! That sounds like an epic adventure!

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