We have a bed!!!

Finally seems like we’ve made some progress!  After weeks of working on insulation and vapor barriers, taking measurements and making tons and tons of different plans we managed to install both a floor and more importantly THE BED!!!!

The floor we actually managed to install last week (but had forgotten to take any pictures of the finished product)  The pictures below (left) show the underlayment, which will provide a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from reaching the metal (the plastic sheeting on the wall is for the same thing).  We then put a thin sheet of plywood on top of the vapor barrier and put down our beautiful hardwood (a.k.a. rolled out our beautiful vinyl) floor.

Picture of the underlayment vapor barrier for the floor
Our beautiful floor

Next we moved on to the bed.  We needed something that would be big enough for us to both comfortably sleep on but that also wouldn’t take up too much room in the van.  So we opted on making a pullout bench.  Below you see the frame and the interlocking slats we used to support the futon mattress.

Bench form
Form of bed, INITIATED!!!

Then we simply placed in the van and put the futon mattress on top and voila, a homemade pullout bench.  So now we can actually sleep comfortably in our van.

Upper left: The ever illusive Wanderwoman attaching the slats to the frame. Right: Me, checking to make sure I measured the length of the pullout correctly. Lower left: Finished bed in van with the mattress

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