What Happens After The Trail!?

So, as I mentioned in the last blog “10 Reasons I’m Hiking The Appalachian Trail” after reading Appalachian Trials I wanted to do some things to help mentally prepare myself for 5 months of trail life.  In addition to writing down the reasons to do the trail he also suggests to visualize what will happen after the trail both after succeeding and failing to finish.  So, here goes.

On Top of Mt. Katahdin I Will:

  1. Party like a rockstar with fellow thru-hikers
  2. Give a big smelly hug and kiss to my always amazing and ever supportive partner Maria
  3. Take some amazing photos
  4. Jump up and down (if my legs are still willing to cooperate) while playing “Gonna Fly Now” (Rocky Theme Song)

After A Successful Thru-Hike I will:

  1. Take a well earned (and probably much needed) hot shower
  2. Eat bacon everything
  3. Spend some time with family and friends
  4. Move into a van and drive down to Argentina!  
  5. Spend every second I can getting reacquainted with Maria

I Will Feel:

  1. Incredibly confident that I can accomplish anything
  2. A new outlook on life
  3. As if I’m in the best shape of my life
  4. About as one with nature as I can imagine

I Will Have Accomplished:

  1. A task only 1/4 people brave enough to start, actually complete and many more never even attempt
  2. The first part of this epic journey
  3. Finding out more about myself and of what I’m capable

After A Failed Attempt At A Thru-Hike I Will:

  1. Feel defeated and an utter lack of confidence
  2. Need to return to the trail to reattempt the entire thing otherwise the feeling of failure will eat away at me
  3. Experience post-trail depression without the feeling of accomplishment to help me through it
  4. Have to explain over and over to everyone following my journey why I couldn’t continue, constantly reminding me of my failure
  5. Not know how to face everyone

I’m not too concerned with not being able to finish.  I’m, what I guess some would call…stubborn, so even if I have to crawl up that mountain I will find a way.  As I told my mother recently, even after I get eaten by a bear, I will make sure that bear summits Mt. Katahdin before it is allowed to digest me.  So, unless there is something really serious (and no, being eaten by a bear isn’t) that failed attempt stuff won’t apply.  It was really just part of the exercise.

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