What is in my Pack!?

There’s so much crap!!!

So, I have almost finalized my list of gear for this crazy endeavor and here is what I have.  I imagine the Ultra Light people will have a field day with it.  Without further ado…here it is.


Backpack: Osprey Exos 58 – Staple of the AT and I understand why.  Very sturdy and lightweight with great padding on the shoulder straps with the breathable mesh back.  Weight 2 lbs 6 oz

Tent: Sierra Designs Lightning 2 UL – I decided to go with a two person tent both for when Maria visits and as well as our Pan American trip afterwards.  Adds a bit of weight to my pack but also will give me a bit more room and comfort for those nights when I can’t get into one of the shelters or just need some time away from the snoring. Weight 3 lbs 7 oz

Sleeping Bag: Therm-A-Rest Saros – Bought this basically because it was on sale.  I’m sure I could have found a lighter bag but I need to save money here and there as well. 20˚ Synthetic should be plenty but have a liner as well that will be mentioned later on. Weight 2 lbs 14 oz

Sleeping Pad: REI Flash – Seems like a good value, highly rated, light, high R-Value doesn’t make that loud crinkling noise that most of these things do and less expensive than most of the quality pads. Weight 1 lb

Big 4 Total Weight 9 lbs 11 ozs


Stove: Jetboil Minimo – Originally had purchased the Flash but then came across this guy.  Slightly lighter, and boils water slightly faster but what drew me the most is that the pot is shallower and wider making it easier to both cook and eat from.  Weight 14 ozs

Fuel: Jetboil Fuel – Purchased too big a size but will make do until it runs out and then purchase the smaller one that actually fits inside the Minimo container.  Weight 8 ozs (Weight of normal size one to be used later 4 ozs)

Silverware: Sea to Summit Alpha Utensil Set – Was looking at sporks and smaller items but to eat like I normally would is a small luxury and considering the knife, fork and spoon together weigh so little it didn’t make sense to me not to get this.  Weight 1 oz

Water Container: Camelback 100 oz – Prefer the camelback so I always have easy access to my water without having to stop…plus I already owned this.  Weight 6 ozs

Water Filtration: SteriPEN Classic 3 – Went with this because I don’t really want to deal with chemicals and it seems easy enough to use.  I am bringing some backup MSR Aquatabs just in case the battery dies and I need some water.  It won’t clean the water but will rid it of disease which is the most important thing. Weight 6 ozs

Air proof Bags: Loksak Opsak – To try and keep the rodents from eating my gear and food and the bears from eating me.  Weight (No clue but they’re basically big ziplock bags so lets say 1 oz)

Cooking/Drinking Total Weight: 2 lbs 4 ozs


Bag Liner: Cocoon Mummy Liner – Comfy silk bag that will add 5˚ of warmth to my sleeping bag as well as help it last longer.  Will probably only use it until the weather warms up.  Weight 5 ozs

Pack Cover: Sea to Summit UL Packcover Medium – Need to keep my pack from getting wet.  This was picked more for brand loyalty than anything else.  Weight 4 ozs

Fire Starter: Swedish Firesteel 2.0 – The Minimo comes with a starter but wanted to have a backup plus it’ll come in handy for some bonfires (You can’t do an epic hike in the woods without bonfires and s’mores damnit!!) Weight 1 oz

Waterproof/Compression Bags: Sea to Summit – A variety of sizes here.  One for the sleeping bag and the rest of the sleeping gear (easier to pack than the bag it came in and the compression allows for more room in my bag plus another layer of waterproofing) one for clothes, another for electronics and another for food.  Weight combined 8 ozs

Guidebook: AWOL’s – This guidebook is great, has all the info you need in a neat little package. Weight 9 ozs

Multitool: Leatherman Wingman – I already owned this.  Has everything I’ll need, scissors, knife, file etc. Weight 7 ozs

Accesories Total Weight 2 lbs 3 ozs


Shoes: Winter Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX/Summer Salomon XA Comp 7 CS WP – Wanted the high tops in the winter for ankle support and protection from the cold wet snow.  Boots are nice and comfy and then switching to lighter low tops in the summer.  Both shoes are waterproof to avoid soaked feet as much as possible.  Weight not added since these won’t be in the pack.

Socks: Darn Tough – Lets give this lifetime guarantee a try.  Everyone swears by them and they are very comfy. 2 pair of these guys and one pair of Smartwool Socks for when in camp. Weight 4 ozs

Outer Jacket: Mountain Hardware Nitrous Down – This I got mainly because it was on sale.  Very good and lightweight outer shell that’s water resistant as well. Weight 13 ozs

Rain Coat: Patagonia Alpine Houdini – Purchased this mainly for the name.  Houdini…I mean how can I not buy that.  Still Patagonia is an amazing brand.  Weight 6 ozs

Inner Jacket: Patagonia R2 – Very Comfy, very warm and lightweight. Weight 14 ozs

Underlayers: Smartwool NTS 250 Long-sleeve top and Midweight bottoms – Smartwool is amazing…’nuff said.  If you live in a cold area, buy this stuff.  It even manages to keep Maria warm in the winter…that is a miracle.  Weight 1 lb (this is total for both bottom and top)

Cold Weather Accessories: Smartwool Balaclava/Beanie/Glove Liner – I have the Balaclava for serious cold conditions.  Will probably wear the beanie for the most part in the cold conditions.  The gloves I know many people will say just wear the extra pair of socks but I’d rather have the gloves and not have my hands stink as bad as I’m sure my feet will.  I can always add the socks over the gloves if the weather gets really bad.  Weight for all 5 ozs

Underwear: Exofficio – Everyone that chooses to wear underwear swears by them and they are very, very comfortable. Weight 3 ozs

Pants: Columbia Convertible – I already owned these.  Permethrin treated and allows me the option of shorts or long pants.  Very lightweight, wicking and quick-drying.  Weight 7 ozs (I’m guessing here)

Shirts: Various – Bringing 3 shirts, 2 for hiking and one for camp.  All light and quick-drying. Weight 4 ozs (total guess again)

Clothing Total 4 lbs 8 ozs (Though I will probably be wearing 2-3 lbs or so of this at all times)


Sea to Summit Wilderness Wash – I know, I know, everyone swears by Dr. Bronner’s but I’m gonna give this a try.  This is supposed to be environmentally friendly as well but it’s cheaper and you need very little for cleaning.  It’s also multipurpose as well.  Weight 8 ozs

Chamois Butt’r – This stuff is a miracle cream.  I was introduced to this via the cycling world and it is the best thing I’ve tried yet to not only reduce chaffing but also soothe any areas that have been the victim of chaffing.  I highly recommend this stuff. Weight 8 ozs

Towel – Typical camp towel that weighs about 3 ozs

Toothbrush and Paste – Nothing special Weight 7 ozs

First Aid -Bought a kit but am breaking it down to essentials.  Full it weighed 6 ozs so I’ll say when I’m done probably 3 ozs

Duct Tape and Toilet Paper – Do I need to explain the merit of these items?  Weight 1 lb???

Toiletries Weight 2 lb 13 ozs


iPhone w/Otterbox – I know many people think it a sin to go into the woods with any technology but I would like to keep in touch with people as well as blog my trip and send pics from time to time.  Weight 14 ozs

Kindle w/Case – I have my Kindle with me where ever I go (By the way, that is what I’m holding in the HONY picture, not a bible).  I love reading too much not to have it and reading on the iPhone isn’t as relaxing.  Weight 11 ozs

Canon Powershot SX510 – I plan to take plenty of pictures and I want them to be good.  While this may not be as small as a typical point and shoot the zoom and clarity of the pictures on this thing are amazing.  Weight 1 lb (With charger and extra battery)

GoPro Hero 3 – 2 Cameras plus an iPhone??  Yeah, I know a bit excessive but there is a method to the madness.  I will need this for shots in the rain and snow and water and maybe the occasional video.  Weight 1 lb 3 ozs (with case)

Spot Gen 3 – This one really isn’t my choice.  This is me basically having mercy on my father so he doesn’t have to convince my mother that I haven’t been eaten by a bear on a daily basis. (I plan on attaching this to the first bear I see however) Weight 4 ozs

Goal Zero Torch 250 – 4400mAH battery backup for phone and other USB devices, powerful flashlight with both red and white lights and a flood light.  Has a solar panel to recharge and a crank as well so I’ll always have power if I need it.  Weight 14 ozs

Nalgene Canteen – Foldable water storage but only really plan on using this in combination with the SteriPEN since it won’t work that well with the Camelback I have.  Weight 2 ozs

Platy Preserve – About as unnecessary of a luxury item as you can get.  A foldable container that can hold a whole wine bottle but trust me, I love wine and this will get some use.  Weight 1 oz

GorillaPod Action Tripod – Flexible little tripod for my armada of cameras. Weight 7 ozs

Therm-A-Rest Z Seat – Not sure I’m bringing this yet.  Just a foldable seat.  I’m willing to carry a bit extra weight if I think the extra comfort will help that much but not sure on this one. Will probably end up bringing and leaving in a bin. Weight 2 ozs

Sea to Summit Trowel – A shovel for digging holes in the ground…FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!  I know I can use my hands or a rock this is probably a winter only item for me. Weight 3 ozs

Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow – Another debatable item like the Z seat but I think the pillow will end up making the final cut.  Whatever helps me sleep is going.  Weight 3 ozs

Crocs Stretch Sole Loafer – Comfy camp shoes to allow my boots to breathe and my feet to relax after the hike.  Weight 9 ozs

Belkin USB Charger – This is a power overkill item but between the cameras and iPhone I imagine I’ll need a great deal of electric.  This thing will help ensure I’m never fighting over outlets with people.  Will shed this if I find fighting over outlets isn’t an issue.  Weight 10 ozs


Total Base Weight is 28 lbs 10 oz in the winter with about 2-3 of those lbs being worn.  Some items are also a little lighter than listed since I’ve taken some unnecessary items out of them like the cases and such.  One of the heavier bags on the trail I’m sure but I will have some nice pictures and be comfortable.

9 thoughts on “What is in my Pack!?

      1. I spent 9 months in NZ…. with a tent and a car. The fire steel got chucked in a bin and replaced by a cheap lighter after the first day 😀 I really can’t recommend them :/

      2. but Indy is right, if you take the fire steel, you will need material as kindling, otherwise you might have to eat your dinners cold 😀

  1. I love the Smartwool under layers! They’re so perfect. I also find that they don’t get too stinky too quickly when you’re out hiking. Also, I don’t know how often you’ve used the GorillaPod tripod, but maybe consider packing along an extra clip (or whatever the name of that part is that actually screws into the camera). I don’t know how I managed it, but I somehow lost that little piece while hiking in Alaska, and I couldn’t use the tripod for the other things I really needed it for.

    Also! I nominated you for a Liebster Award. You don’t have to participate, but if you’re interested it’s a great way to connect with other bloggers. The person who nominated me is starting the A.T. in a month, and some of my other nominees have hiked the A.T. in past years 🙂 Anyways, if you’re want to know more:


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