And Then There Was 1

Today is my (Jason’s) last day of work before this trip begins.  I have a strange feeling heading in for my last day.  I have all my work items with me and will be walking home empty handed.  It’s a weird feeling knowing I won’t be back to this life again for a very long time.  I have been working at this job (with different companies but a lot of the same people) for a little over 8 years now and also working period, practically nonstop (a brief unemployed phase my first semester of college and a month or two when I was between jobs) for the past 17 years, which is half my life. I know that’s nothing to most people but I think 17 years of anything is a long time.

Me right before leaving for my last day of work
Me right before leaving for my last day of work

I went from being a military musician, to being supervisor in an arcade, to waiting tables to what I do now, which is work in telecommunications.  My jobs have allowed me to see some incredible things over the years and meet some amazing people. While in the military, I was stationed in San Diego, California and was able to experience the beauty of the west coast of the USA plus, we did a good will tour in the middle east giving me my first real taste of international travel. I even got to meet a guy who piloted the space shuttle and who apparently runs NASA now!

Hanging out with the seals in La Jolla
Beautiful Laguna Beach

While working in telecommunications I’ve been able to see views of Manhattan that few people are able to see, from the tops of buildings and cranes and I was a huge part of the installation of the emergency communications system at the new World Trade Center.  I was able to watch the construction in the museum, I witnessed them lowering the destroyed fire truck down into the site, I was there when they first turned the reflecting pools on and even got to see them from the bottom of the pool behind the waterfall.  I went in to assess damages to our equipment after Superstorm Sandy hit NY (there was up to 7 feet of water on the lowest level!!!) but the most amazing thing was being there on September 11th when they opened the memorial for the first time.  It was an absolutely incredibly emotional experience.  I was there in case anything went wrong with the communications system, I’ll write more on that day another time though that day needs it’s own blog.

Central Park in the winter


I have been very fortunate with the jobs I’ve worked, even the ones at which I wasn’t super happy.

Still, at the end of the day that sweet mistress known as adventure is singing her siren song and beckoning me out into the unknown and I am no longer willing to ignore her.  Next stop, Appalachian Trail!

4 thoughts on “And Then There Was 1

  1. So beautifully said. And man those are some tremendous photographs. Just gorgeous. So excited for you and this new grand adventure! May you never be the same in all the right ways. 😉

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