And I’m off!

Excitement, anxiousness, and extreme sadness swirl inside me at this moment. 

I currently sit on the bus, taking me further and further away from my friends, family and the love of my life Maria.  Each word typed on this blog is being written slightly further away than the one before, further away from the home I’ve known most of my life but that much closer to the trail.  I guess the journey has officially begun.

I spent every second I could this weekend with Maria but time unfortunately is something of which we just simply never have enough.

There aren’t enough words I can say to express how much I’m going to miss her and how much I appreciate her support in all this and everything else I do. 

She surprised me with some Granny Smith apples this weekend to send me off with because she remembered old stories about how on the Camino De Santiago they became what I craved the most. She shaved my head for me today, the hair she loved so much, because I did the same thing for the Camino, neither my hair or facial hair will be cut again until I summit Mt. Katahdin, and she even snuck some Reese’s into my bag because they are my favorite treat! 

She did everything she could to make sure my last few weeks home were awesome, from special meals to gatherings with loved ones, taking time off work and spending as much time with me as possible even after long, tiring days of work.

Maria is truly the epitome of awesome and I could not be who I am without her.

P.S. And no she did not write this blog!

6 thoughts on “And I’m off!

  1. What a lovely tribute to Maria. I hope you have a blast! Five months will gather steam and fly by before you know it. And the scenery…jealous!

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