T -12 hours (give or take)

The wait is over. There’s nothing left to do.  A bus took me to a train, which took me to a bus, which took me to another train which took me to a shuttle and then that took me to my hostel.

In the distance are the mountains that I will soon be hiking through. At this point though it’s just a waiting game. No more chances to get more gear or exchange gear, fret about my food or research the trail.  All I have to do is wait till the shuttle drops me off at the approach trail and then start walking.

The hostel has some seasoned hikers giving us advice on what to carry, what to get rid of etc., the place is very nice but at this point I’m just anxious for morning to come and for me to start hiking.  About 9 months of planning for tomorrow morning.  I’m very anxious at this point.

biew from the back of the hostel

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