Day 6 – Blue Mt Shelter to Deep Gap Shelter- I have a trail name!

15.5 miles, 46,700 steps, 473 stories climbed

74.8 miles, 219,106 steps, 2017 stories climbed

Trail Magic Moments: 6

Today was a good day for trail magic.  It was a rough day with two huge mountains and a small but steep mountain.  We left camp a bit later than normal because of daylight savings, but hit the trail running.

Not Yet and I headed out to the base of the first mountain where we came across Leonard and our dirt bit of trail magic.

Leonard had coffee, oranges, muffins, juice and Swiss Rolls. A nice bit of sugar to help me get up the mountain.

I spent most of the rest of the hike by myself, a bit sore from the long day yesterday, I wasn’t able to keep pace with the rest of the group.

I had a bit of a worry when I went to refill my water bladder.  After sanitizing the water and filling my bladder I started hiking again when I started to notice the back of my legs were getting soaked. My bladder was leaking. I checked it and nothing seemed wrong so something must have just hit the detach button for the straw because luckily it didn’t leak again the rest of the way.

When I started to descend the first mountain I suddenly became aware of the beautiful aroma of a barbecue. It made me descend a bit faster and I just kept thinking, no hoping that it was trail magic. When I get to the bottom of the mountain (which also signaled the start of the second and higher mountain) standing there next to his truck was Slow Ride.

Slow Ride, who got his name for his slow walking pace, was cooking up hamburgers and hot dogs!!! Oh the taste of a delicious cheeseburger with pickles and ketchup, washed down with some orange soda and a side of Cheetos. Amazing!

After filling my belly it was time to summit Tray Mountain.  Along the way I kept leapfrogging Silver. Silver is the two-time thru-hiker I mentioned a few days ago, I just didn’t know his name, which he got because of his silver eyes.  He would pass me and then I would catch and pass him as he took a break and that kept happening the rest of the day.

Silver and I got to the top of Tray Mountain around the same time for a beautiful view.

Once I got to the bottom of Tray there were a bunch of apples waiting for hikers that were left by the Boy Scouts.

The rest of the hike was a bit painful but I managed to make it to Deep Gap before the sun set.

Now, a bit of an explanation on trail names. It’s a bit crazy how some of them come about, any moment can become your legacy. Not Yet got his name because someone asked him if he had a trail name and he said not yet.

Taser got her name because she starting hiking with a taser.

Long Stride got his name because the guy hiking with him said he needed to take two steps to everyone of Long Strides to keep up.

Smasher got his name because he fell on one of Fresh Grinds styrofoam coolers and destroyed it.

Failure got his name because he was unable to microwave a bag of popcorn at the Mountain Crossing Hostel

Sycamore got his name in a bit of a mean way. His name comes from an earlier hike, he has already completed the CDT and the PCT so he will be one of the very rare Triple Crowners when he completes the AT. Sycamore has a skin condition that effects his skin pigmentation. Right now it’s not too noticeable but he says it used to be much worse and he got the name Sycamore because people said it looked like tree bark. He likes the name though since it took something he was really sensitive about and in his eyes turned it into a positive.

This brings me to me as I have been given my trail name. I am Hermit. I’m sure many who know me aren’t surprised by that name but it actually had nothing to do with me being quiet. I earned the name Hermit because when we had that really cold night I went into my tent around 2pm and did not come out again until I broke camp the following morning.

So there you have it folks, I am now Hermit! Good night everyone! 

from left to right: Sycamore, Failure, Hermit, and Not Yet

2 thoughts on “Day 6 – Blue Mt Shelter to Deep Gap Shelter- I have a trail name!

  1. Hello Hermit! Just want you to know how proud you make us. Sent you some love and hope you get it by Friday. Share what you want with your fellow hikers. Miss you, have to get to work. ❤

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