Day 7 – Deep Gap to Dicks’s Creek Gap

3.6 miles, 11,457 steps, 75 stories climbed

78.4 miles, 230,563 steps, 2092 stories climbed

Trail Magic Moments: 6

  Today was awesome. We woke up early and started hiking before sunrise. We had a 9am shuttle to catch and we didn’t want to miss our ride into town. We rushed and made it there just in time and managed to catch the shuttle to town.

We splurged and stayed at the Holiday Inn Express. The rooms were huge. Sycamore an I split one and Failure and Not Yet split the other.  Two queen sized beds, a couch, fridge, and a microwave…(BAAALLERS!).
First, I took the most glorious shower and washed my disgustingly smelly clothes, feeling like I needed to apologize to the washing machine.  Then, off to the Hardee’s!   When we walked in and looked at the menu we were simply awestruck. So.  Many.  Choices. I ordered the biggest most bacon covered burger on the menu with onion rings and a root beer and just for good measure a side of chili dog. It was magnificent!!!
After that it was off to the grocery store to re supply. I just needed the essential hiker snacks, snickers and jerky, and then bought the essentials for the rest of the day, pizza, beer and ice cream.  Wait. The ice cream deserves more of a mention than that. It was Ben & Jerry’s with the peanut butter fudge core with bits of Reese’s in it. I was just lying there in the comfy bed with my feet up devouring it.

After that it was time or a soak in the hot tub! It felt great on our tired and achy muscles and bones. We must have relaxed in the hot tub for over an hour.  It was much needed medicine for my aching muscles.
Then, the highlight of my day. I finally had some wifi and was able to FaceTime with Maria. The first time I was able to talk to her since I left. I really wish she would just cut the crap and get down here and start hiking with me already. Oh, and as I was talking to her, Sycamore brings me a strawberry milkshake!  Life is good!
Also, I was finally able to see many of your comments.  Usually, Maria just tells me what you guys say and she responds.  But I was really taken back by how many people are following. Your words of encouragement really mean a great deal to me. I really really appreciate it.
Well, time to get some rest because it’s back to the trail tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Day 7 – Deep Gap to Dicks’s Creek Gap

  1. I’m with you on the bacon burger! And the hot tub sounds divine. Glad you got some quality downtime and pampering in. It’s the little things, eh? And go easy on Maria – she’s earning away, getting ready for the next big adventure. Just think – you’ll be sitting for hours, driving Houdini!

  2. lol fudge to the core. just like you! But seriously, how exhilarating. The mark of true success: freedom to play hard all day and then eat burgers, bacon, chili dogs with onion rings, ice cream and a strawberry milkshake (followed by hot tub) without batting an eye. Truly, the American dream! xoxoxox Love you cuz!!! Keep rockin’!!!

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