Day 9 – Standing Indian Shelter to Rock Gap Shelter

19.7 miles, 51,702 steps, 317 stories climbed

114.8 miles, 331,529 steps, 3029 stories climbed

Today was another looooong day. The original plan was to do a little over 11 miles but I was feeling good so I kept walking on and on and on until I reached Rock Gap Creek.
The day started off pretty nice. Much like yesterday, great temperature, overcast and no rain but as soon as I decided to push on the skies opened and the rain poured down.  It wasn’t long before I was soaking wet, but you can only walk forward.
The terrain got very difficult as well. At one point I just put away the hiking poles and literally started climbing boulders, soaking wet, moss covered boulders.  It was a good time!
Unfortunately, the weather destroyed the view I had been looking forward to all day, a fire tower on top of a mountain but the fog made it impossible to see anything.
For the time being, it seems like our group has also broken up. Sycamore hiked on last night, I imagine he’s in Franklin already, possibly taking a zero day since he was concerned about his blisters. Not Yet and Failure, I haven’t seen since I left Standing Indian Gap this morning. We had originally planned on taking a zero on Friday and enjoying Franklin that day but now I’ll be there tomorrow and be moving on when they’ll be coming in. Hopefully, I’ll see them down the trail at some point.  That’s what happens when you hike, you meet really amazing people, but then you move on.
I spent almost the whole hike today alone allowing both random thoughts and songs to roll through my head but one of my main thoughts was about how I really need to do a nice long hike with Maria. I would really love to do The Camino de Santiago again but with her this time, maybe for one of our big anniversaries. The 10th might be too soon (It’s going to be 8 years in May!) but maybe the 15th or 20th year anniversary, if she can put up with me for that long  and if I can drag her away from whatever job she has at the time.
Anyway, tomorrow should be another nice short day into town.  Really looking forward to it!What have you all been up to these days?

7 thoughts on “Day 9 – Standing Indian Shelter to Rock Gap Shelter

  1. I also hope you meet up with your fellow hikers. I sure hope there are fewer rainy days ahead so you can get your pictures. The thought of you climbing wet, mossy boulders scares me. I’m always afraid you’ll get hurt. Unfortunately there is nothing I can say that is as exciting as your stories, but I enjoy reading about yours. Good night, we miss you. ❤

  2. The thought of you climbing wet, mossy boulders thrills me! I’m going camping in May in the least populated part of our state …. though we have plenty of wolves and bears. ‘Til then, I have to put up with a warm bed and a good beer. I feel just a little bit guilty about that, thinking of you out there in the damp and the wild…. but then I remember that I have to go to work in the morning and you don’t, and then my perspective changes again. We both have positives and not-so positives in our lives right now; I just love reading about yours.

  3. A quiet day for me, as are most. My son and his wife came over and had dinner. It was nice. Now Sunday is going to be a huge day for me as I will be a Grandma for the fourth time. Looking forward to that.

  4. Hey J , I was following your experiences and stories closely .Really inspiring. Next trip …I’m going along with you….LOL.

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