Day 32 – Kincora Hostel to Vandeventer Shelter

17.7 miles, 46,897 steps, 539 stories climbed

445.0 miles, 1,206,726 steps, 11,970 stories climbed
Today started out as such a beautiful hike.  As soon as I was back on the trail I started hiking next to a river and then I left the river and came across this gorgeous waterfall and here is one of the things that sucks about this hike.
I came across the beautiful waterfall less than 2 miles into the hike.  I stopped for a bit to take pictures and I just didn’t want to leave.  I still had to hike over 15 miles so I had to move on.  After the waterfall I was stuck with just a beautiful river for a few miles…lame #hikerproblems.


Anyway, today was a tough day.  I’m not sure why but everyone at the shelter tonight agrees it was an unusually tough day.  It was a bit humid but not uncomfortable, it was a bit hilly but not more than normal and it rained a bit but not a whole bunch.
About halfway through the hike it started to rain a bit.  It reminded me of when Maria as I first started dating.  I had a second floor apartment with a tiny balcony.  One day it started pouring rain, I put on some nice romantic music, loud enough for us to hear outside and we just danced on the balcony in the rain.
There were also times when we went outside in the rain and just played in the mud, and one time we had her goddaughters over and we used a slip as slide in the rain and started throwing mud at one another.  Once we moved to the city though it seemed as if the rain was just an annoyance.  
The hike continued and I caught up to Buoy as we crossed the damn.  We hiked together for a bit talking about the dam (apparently he comes down to this area to fish so he knew a great deal about it) and then when the steep uphill started he fell back.
Those last 6 miles just took forever.  I started to worry that I might have past the shelter but no it just was a difficult hike today.  On top of the difficult hike, once you get to the shelter the water source is 0.3 miles away down an extraordinarily steep hill.  Definitely a very tiring day.  Still, overall is was a very beautiful day.  Tonight however the thunderstorms are rolling in and the sky is going to open up any minute.  Glad to be in the shelter tonight.
One of the great things about this shelter is the graffiti.  The walls are covered in Chuck Norris Facts but about Bob Peoples who ran the Kincora Hostel.  Here are some of them:
“Bob Peoples gives his boots blisters.”
“When Bob Peoples stays in a shelter, the mice bring him food.”
“Bob Peoples doesn’t flush the toilet, he scares the crap out of it.”
“Bob Peoples doesn’t recognize the periodic table of elements, he only recognizes the element of surprise.”
These are just a couple of them but clearly, Bob Peoples is a trail legend.

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