Day 33 – Vandeventer Shelter to Abingdon Gap Shelter

22.7 miles, 51,333 steps, 525 stories climbed

467.7 miles, 1,258,059 steps, 12,495 stories climbed
Trail Magic Moments: 20
Another long day following a sleepless night.  Last night, sleeping on the wooden floor of the shelter without a sleeping pad, was miserable.  My sleeping bag has zero padding on the bottom, since it figures you’re using a pad so basically, I slept on wood with a blanket on top of me.
I got out of bed as soon as the sun started to rise and started hiking.  I planned on a long day so tomorrow I’ll have a relatively short day into Damascus.  
Today, was rather short on views.  There wasn’t a whole lot to look at but the hike today was much easier than yesterday.  I mean, there was a portion of the trail that was actually wheelchair accessible!
About halfway through the hike there was a big orange metal box with crosses cut into it.  The box contained a cooler filled with ice and soda as well as granola bars, jelly beans and little cherry fruit pies.  I got there right around lunchtime and the Orange soda and cherry pie were a perfect midday pick-me-up.
I hiked on, playing leapfrog with Silver a few times today but other than him and Buoy, I didn’t see anyone else the whole day until the very end.
Silver and I got to Abingdon shelter around the same time and immediately started getting our tents set up, fetch water (not quite as far away today as yesterday but still pretty bad) and start making dinner.  Then just relaxing the rest of the day.
It’s supposed to be a cold night tonight but I’m glad to be in the tent. The tent is always warmer, more comfortable and the ground is softer than the wood so hopefully I can get some sleep tonight.  I’m looking forward to getting my new sleeping pad tomorrow.  Oh yeah and crossing into Virginia as well and crossing Tennessee off my list.

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