Day 34 – Abingdon Gap Shelter to Damascus

9.9 miles, 22,799 steps, 96 stories climbed

477.6 miles, 1,280,858 steps, 12,591 stories climbed
Another restless night.  The ground was more comfortable than the wood of the shelter but the lack of any kind of cushion makes sleep difficult.  It also doesn’t help when people tent right next to you and snore like crazy.
The moon was incredibly bright.  There were a number of times that I must have fallen asleep and when I woke up it was so bright I had to check my phone to see if I should get up and start packing meanwhile it was around 2am.
Everyone seemed to be getting up early today, typical when a town is nearby, so I was up before the sun and packing.  I managed to be the first one out, which is amazing considering Buoy was at camp last night, he usually leaves an hour before everyone else.  I was out as soon as it was light enough to hike without the headlamp.
Since it was a short day, and Easter Sunday, I took my time figuring most things would be closed in the morning.  Even still, I was in town by 10am.  Along the way I crossed into Virginia, knocking state number 3 off my list.  (Although Virginia has over 500 miles so it’ll be a while before I knock off another one.)
By this time Silver had caught up to me and him and I hiked to Woodchuck’s Hostel.  Woodchuck’s Hostel is a regular house this guy just put a bunch of beds in.  He added tents in the yard and even a teepee.  It is the cleanest place I’ve stayed so far on the trail (including the hotels).  It doesn’t even have that hiker stench that ever other place has.
I did the usual shower and laundry then off to get lunch at a nice burrito place in town that seemed very new.  After that it was off to the outfitter to get a new sleeping pad and some more cooking fuel.  
I was thinking about going with a Z-Lite since its light, durable and cheap but ended up getting another air pad but this time from Sea to Summit (I haven’t had any bad experiences with this brand yet) so I’ll see how it is tomorrow night…luckily tonight I have a nice comfy bed.
Then, it was the usual uploading blogs and pictures the rest of the day until it was time to go to the grocery store and resupply.
Now, I’m anxious to get back into the woods and do some more hiking.

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