Day 36 – Lost Mountain Shelter to Wise Shelter

17.6 mile, 45,503 steps, 435 stories climbed

511.3 miles, 1,364,939 steps, 13,425 stories climbed


It happened.  I crossed 500 miles and so that song got stuck in my head.  Now you shall all feel my wrath!  “And I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more!”  Hahahahaha!
Well, today was a wet day.  It was pouring rain just about the entire day, basically until I was about a mile away from the shelter.  
The trail had become so wet that it had basically turned into a river. The trail is the path of least resistance for the water so the entire trail just became one big river.  My waterproof boots served little purpose today, at some point I said screw it and just stopped trying to avoid the puddles and rivers and walked right down the middle of the trail/river.
At points the rain became horizontal and was pelting me in the face.  Also, while on the middle of a bald, the sky started to crackle with thunder.  I took a moment and thought to myself about my wonderful predicament.  I was soaking wet, on top of a mountain with few trees, standing in a river and holding a metal pole in each hand as thunder started to rumble.  Luckily, I never saw any actual lightning but not a great feeling as the thunder rumbled.
As far as my feet well, I think I lost half the skin on my feet thanks to water blisters from hiking 17 miles with pools in my boots.  I spent a great deal of time working on them today when I got to camp.  My hands were so pruned that even now, after having been dry for about 4 hours, the fingertips are still a bit pruned.
On the plus side, while I didn’t get too many views thanks to the weather, the shelter I’m sleeping at has wild ponies all around. Even got a shot of one falling asleep.
Hopefully, tomorrow the weather is a bit better but if not oh well, my clothes are already soaked so the rain won’t make much of a difference. 
Also, there is now less than 1700 miles left.

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