Day 38 – Trimpi Shelter to Atkins

21.0 miles, 50,734 steps, 433 stories climbed

551.5 miles, 1,461,203 steps, 14,180 stories climbed
Sadness.  Disappointment.  A loss of hope in humanity.  These are the types of things that went through my head.  When there is a shelter you are going to hit around lunchtime, that you should be able to order pizza from and when you get there you find out that you can’t, it is a bad day.
I should have known this day would be bad when I woke up and for some reason had Nickleback music stuck in my head.  I should have just rated in the shelter and stayed in hiding all day, but I decided to hike on.
Almost ten miles in and I get to the pizza shelter to find out that there were two places to order pizza from.  One of them went out of business literally 3 days ago and the second is Pizza Hut but they won’t deliver until after 4pm. So sad.
I decided to hike on all the way to Atkins to make up for it but the horrors of the day were not over yet.  As I crossed the second shelter of the day and neared Atkins a fate worse than the Nickleback music fell upon me as for some horrible reason I was plagued with a head full of the Backstreet Boys!!!  Why!?  What did I do to deserve such a horrible fate!?
I quickly hiked in to Atkins where I ran across Silver at the restaurant called the barn. I set aside my pack and immediately started to eat my troubles away.
I moved on to the hotel and got a room and started my usual routine of chores.  It seems like Silver and I were the only ones to push on, I didn’t see any other thru-hikers throughout the day.
This cow was staring me down big time
This cow was staring me down big time
I did a small resupply, just enough to get me to Pearisburg and then relaxed for the rest of the day.  And of course made sure to order some pizza.  The pizza came pretty late so I got them to knock off some money and between the pizza, breadsticks and buffalo wings I ordered I even had enough to have a small breakfast as well.  Score.
Today was a big day for another reason as well.  Today, I crossed the 25% mark.  I’ve come a long way but still have a long way to go.  Still loving it though!

3 thoughts on “Day 38 – Trimpi Shelter to Atkins

  1. Nickleback and Backstreet Boys are heavenly angels compared to……… I won’t put that one in your head. You owe me.

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