Day 37 – Wise Shelter to Trimpi Shelter

19.2 miles, 45,530 steps, 322 stories climbed

530.5 miles, 1,410,469 steps, 13,747 stories climbed
Trail Magic Moments: 22
Today was such a nicer day. Not even a single drop of rain.  There were reports of bad thunderstorms supposed to hit later today but they never happened and at points the clouds certainly looked ominous but they passed before dropping their payload.


The day began by crossing a nice river.  We all (Failure, Silver, Deer Dog, Smasher and myself) all were out pretty early and hiked pretty quickly.  There was word that a run in with Fresh Ground was on the agenda for today and we all wanted to get there while he was still serving pancakes.
We made it in time and the 5 of us sat with him a while and he fed us both breakfast and lunch (pancakes and hot dogs). It is amazing to see just how much joy he gets out of feeding us and spending time with us.
After stuffing our bellies we moved on, each at our own pace.  With a nice relatively flat terrain even with our long stop at Fresh Grounds we still made the 19.2 miles before 3:30.
We did our usual chores, filter water (which I had to back flush my filter due to yesterday’s not so clean water practically clogged my filter) cook, change etc.
Deer Dog, who is an incredible athlete, at Woodchuck’s she did a basketball shooting contest and twice got 13/14 shots, which is better than most NBA stars and she also plays rugby for the USA National Team having played in the rugby World Cup!  She told us the story of her hiker name, which she actually picked herself.  Apparently, she loves dogs and as a gift her rugby coach gave her a stuffed animal that neither the coach or Deer Dog knew whether the stuffed animal was a deer or a dog.  Not long into the trail she realized that most people she came across could not tell whether she is a male or female.  So, she started referring to herself as Deer Dog.  She is perfectly okay with the confusion as long as people aren’t mean about it.
Not too long later a couple came through with a beautiful grey pitbull (be jealous Maria!).  The female of the couple, also a rugby player who has played against Deer Dog, is carrying the ashes of one of her dogs.  She used to hike portions of the AT and she would always take that dog so she decided to carry the ashes.  A fitting end for the dog’s life I think.
For me now, it’s time to do more maintenance on my mangled feet after yesterday’s rain filled fiasco.  Then read and sleep.

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