Day 40 – Chestnut Knob Shelter to Helveys Mill Shelter

25.9 miles, 56,527 steps, 494 stories climbed

601.2 miles, 1,574,907 steps, 15,378 stories climbed
Trail Magic Moments: 23
Well, a new longest day for me on this trail and my first time doing 3 20+ days in a row.  I feel pretty good too.  The terrain today was pretty flat and even though I hiked a bit more than yesterday I don’t feel nearly as tired.  The weather was perfect today too.
I had a pretty good nights sleep last night, even woke up a bit late.  I mean it was 7am and the sun was already rising when I got up!!!  I must have been tired yesterday.
The trail was a bit low on good views today.  It went around the valley but on the wrong side of the ridgeline and with the tree cover the views of the valley were not very good.
There was a pretty nice view at Laurel Creek, which was where I had originally been thinking of staying, but with the ease of the trail I managed to get there (about 16 miles into the day) around 1pm.  I did take a decent sized break there to get water, have a little snack and drink some Emergen-C (wow does that stuff give you an energy boost!!!).
Right after Laurel Creek was a long but not very steep climb through a forest that recently burnt down (not sure if it was a real fire or one the forest agency set, but I think it was a controlled fire)
Then, I emerged from the forest and hiked on a road for a bit.  As I climbed onto the road there was a plastic container filled with ice and bottles of water for hikers to take.  I had plenty of water on me so I left it and headed in to finish my hike.
The highway probably had the best views of the day aside from the creek.  After re-entering the woods there was just one more climb to get me to the shelter.  I powered through it and arrived at the shelter a little before 5pm.
When I got there, there was a hiker I had yet to meet already there. His name is Wayfarer and he is hiking a large portion of the Eastern Continental Trail, which the AT is a part of.  He started down in Florida and as of today is over 1700 miles in!!!  He plans on stopping at Mt. Katahdin as well instead of continuing on to the International Appalachian Trail (which goes all the way up to Newfoundland) but still that means he’s doing about 3300 miles!!! And you people think I’m crazy!!!
For much of the trail today, I had Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony playing in my head, certainly better than majority of the music that’s been aging on my mental radio station lately, and I’ll tell you why.  There is some sort of bird on the trail the past few days whose call sounds so similar to the famous beginning of Beethoven’s Fifth.  The bird sings the exact same pitch and rhythm, the only minor difference is it adds two quick notes (perfectly in time and key) to the beginning.  Still, it sounds similar enough to make me think of that great composition. 

3 thoughts on “Day 40 – Chestnut Knob Shelter to Helveys Mill Shelter

  1. As much as I didn’t want you to do this at first, I can tell you are happy. Me and Dad are so proud of you and look forward to your blogs. I believe he reads it on google since he doesn’t have FB. Can’t wait til we see you in a few months. ❤

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