Day 44 – Pine Swamp Branch Shelter to Laurel Creek Shelter

18.5 miles, 53,706 steps, 480 stories climbed

681.8 miles, 1,770,367 steps, 17,086 stories climbed
Today was a bit better weather wise.  It was still a drab and gray day but the rain was light pretty much all day. I was barely wet by the end but the fog makes for poor views.
Between all the rain yesterday and today a bunch of the trail filled with small streams and many of the usually tame streams became a bit rougher than normal.  Here’s a picture of one I had to cross:
The terrain today didn’t help much either, a ton of wet, moss covered rocks made for a very slow and slippery day.
What was probably the worst part of the day is that I lost today’s portion of the guidebook.  I normally rip out what ever pages I’ll be using for the day and have them in a pocket for easy access but I must have dropped them somewhere along the way.  You may be wondering what the big deal is but without that I wasn’t sure how far I had left to go, where the hills would be but most importantly I wasn’t sure how far it was between water sources which meant having to stop and filter and also carry more water than normal to be on the safe side.
Everything combined to make this a pretty long day overall but I made it.  I know I said that this is a pretty important stretch for cool things on the trail but I haven’t passed them yet.  Tomorrow I should though so hopefully the weather will be nicer.
I was pretty much alone all day. The older gentlemen I shared the shelter with last night was a sobo (south bound) section hiker and I didn’t see anyone else for the rest of the day until I hit my resting spot for the day where I came across Bear Bait (a different one than mentioned in a much earlier blog) and Selfie.  Two older gentlemen who’s names I’ve seen in the shelter logbooks for the past week or so.
I didn’t get to talk to Selfie that much but Bear Bait, named so because of how slow he apparently hikes compared to others so he would be the one the bear catches and eats, recently retired as did his wife.  She had no desire to do the trail so what she’s doing instead is driving along the trail.  She sleeps in their van and then gives him lifts into towns when he wants to come off the trail.  (Come on Maria…we already have the van and the bed in it, what are you waiting for!?)
Looking forward to a good nights (and well deserved) rest now.

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