Day 48 – Rest and Relaxation in Daleville

0.0 miles

I was very tempted to hike today.  It just doesn’t feel right to stay put at this point but my body needed the rest.  I hiked for 28 straight days and that was after raising my daily mileage a great deal.
I left my resupply and laundry for today to make sure I had something to keep me busy, plus I spent some time trying to figure out a better way to pack my gear now that I have less of it.
I decided to send some of my winter gear home, the balaclava hasn’t been used in weeks and I sent my fleece jacket home as well, I don’t see me needing both that and my down jacket anytime soon.  On top of all that I sent my sleeping bag home replacing it with a lighter bag. (Went from a 20° bag to a 45° bag). The newer bag takes up a great deal less room and overall I’ve probably shaved another 3lbs from my base weight.
I’ve spent a great deal of time relaxing in an Epsom salt bath to help my body recover while listening to music and reading as well as fighting the horrible phone service to try and upload pictures.
On my way back from the grocery store I ran into Silver.  He was surprised to see me and we spoke for a bit.  He’s most likely going to zero here as well, maybe even double zero because he’s having some issues with his leg, possibly shin splints but he’s not sure and wants to rest it before it gets serious.
This is his third injury so far on this trip, one an illness which took him off the trail for two days, another was a dental issue that took him off the trail for two days and now this.  I wish him the best and hope to run into him further down the trail.
I’m anxious to get back to the trail tomorrow, even though it’s pouring out right now and tomorrow the weather calls for thunderstorms.  I’m anxious to try my new gear, hike with the lighter pack but most importantly I want to see more of the trail.
I realize I needed today, my body needs the occasional rest or it’ll break down but still, it feels like a wasted day.

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