Day 50 – Bobblets Gap Shelter to Thunder Hill Shelter

23.7 miles, 60,215 steps, 735 stories climbed

778.8 miles, 2,029,451 steps, 19,624 stories climbed
I ended up doing a bit more today than expected.  I was planning on stopping at the shelter 18.4 in but when I got there it was still a bit early and I was feeling good so I just grabbed water and planned on finding a spot to camp a mile or two away but I didn’t find anything until I was almost at the next shelter  anyway so I figured I might as well go all the way.
The hike today was a bit more hilly than yesterday, or most Virginia days for that matter, but now with the lighter pack, I’m not really moving faster but I definitely seem to have more stamina, although it could also be that the zero day revived me and gave me more energy.
50 view
There were a few mountaintop views and as I neared the end of the hike I came across an FAA tower as well.
50- FAA tower on top of the mountains
The trail was very sparse as far as hikers go.  The only thru-hiker I came across was Crane and that wasn’t until I reached the final shelter.
Crane is one of only two thru-hikers I’ve met so far that aren’t white, which is pretty sad.  I’m sure there are plenty of both socioeconomic and cultural reasons for this (I’m sure Maria can tell me all about it) but it is unfortunate that there isn’t more diversity on the trail, and it reminded me of one of the reasons I won’t leave New York City.
I’ve run in to Crane a couple of times but have never really gotten the chance to speak with him.  I know he is from Israel (the other guy was Sikh).
50 Creek
Other than him there were a couple of section hikers heading south.  It was two older men heading from Waynesboro to Pearisburg.
Day 50 Part of the trail I had to climb down, it's referred to as the Guillotine
The rest of the time I was alone with the wilderness.  I saw a couple more deer and another black snake, this one a little guy to the side of the trail, and a bunny as well as the usual bunch of birds and lizards.
Today was day 50 of my hike.  I can’t believe I’ve been out here that long.  It feels like I was climbing all those stairs up Amicalola Falls just a few days ago!  Now here I am more than 1/3 of the way there.  I still have a long way to go but the time is moving by so fast!
50 Selfie

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