Day 52 – John’s Hollow Shelter to Hog Camp Gap

26.4 miles, 67,561 steps, 923 stories climbed!!!

821.5 miles, 2,138,768 steps, 20,809 stories climbed
Now that was a long and tiring day.  I can’t believe the elevation I climbed, probably the toughest all around day on the trail.
I started off by waking up pretty early.  I stayed in the shelter after yesterday’s storm wet the ground and when I woke up the mice had definitely stopped by for a visit.  They didn’t get to my food and I didn’t hear Crane complaining either but they left a bunch of ‘evidence’ that I know was not there when I went to sleep.
Right out of the shelter this morning I started with a pretty steep climb.  The weather was a bit chilly but with the climb I kept putting on the rain jacket then getting too hot and taking it off and getting too cold.  The wind had a lot to do with that but it was a bit annoying.
Once on top of the first mountain there was another lovely view:
Along the way there were a number of dower patches that have started to bloom:
Another foot suspension bridge:
And of course more animals.  I came across this guy:
He was right in the middle of the trail walking along a spring that intersected it.  I also had another run in with a black snake that scared the crap out of me.  He was to the left of the trail and I didn’t notice him until he decided to slither away from me, crossing the trail right in front of me! Like two feet in front of me!  Eventually, my heartbeat returned to normal and I continued on my merry way.
As I hiked on I came across Brown Creek which according to the sign was a community created and maintained by freed slaves.  I kept looking to see if there was anything left but was disappointed to see no buildings either maintained or ruined to show the history here.
After this it was time to start another big climb to the final spot for the evening.  It was incredibly long and steep and I was running on fumes most of the way up but you keep putting one foot in front of the other and eventually you get there.  Small steps.
I did have a strange random thought or observation.  At one point I crossed a bunch of gnats ad I began to swat at them.  As I did that I realized that moving my arms around while holding a trekking pole, I kind of look, or feel, like a muppet with the little metal wire moving their arms around.
52 Selfie
Anyway, I crossed 800 miles today!  No marker this time but now I have less than 1400 miles to go!

2 thoughts on “Day 52 – John’s Hollow Shelter to Hog Camp Gap

  1. Mice, snakes and bugs oh my! That’s enough to keep me from ever doing something like this. Congrats on your accomplishment so far, we’re proud. ❤

  2. You really seem to have hit a good rhythm – a stride that takes you along naturally. It comes through in your posts subtly and freely. I really like it.

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