Day 53 – Hog Camp Gap to Harpers Creek Shelter

21.9 miles, 57,439 steps, 591 stories climbed

843.4 miles, 2,196,207 steps, 21,400 stories climbed
 53 View
Another long day, seems to be a lot of them lately.  Crane and I woke up after a chilly night, because of course we would get a cold front the entire week after I send my cold weather gear home and get a lighter sleeping bag.  We started our morning routines of getting ready and tearing down camp and then headed out for the day.
Crane left a bit ahead of me and it was another day of seeing few hikers and those I did see where weekenders and day hikers.
The highlight of the day was going to be teaching the Priest Shelter.  Due to its name it has become a tradition for people to confess their trail sins in the logbook.
The hike to the Priest was rather uneventful.  There were a couple of decent views and a few good climbs but for the most part it was relatively flat.
 53 Bridge
I reached the Priest Shelter midday and decided to stop in for lunch and to refill my water.  I was rather disappointed with the entries as they looked pretty standard but I decided to make my confession:
“Forgive me father for I have sinned.  Near the beginning of my hike a left a trail journal at a shelter because I no longer wanted to carry the weight.  I also accidentally littered when I dropped a few pages of my guidebook and in a couple of emergency situations maybe my holes weren’t dug quite deep enough.  For all of my sins I promise to hike the ridiculously difficult downhill followed by the equally ridiculous uphill immediately after this shelter and I shall do it with Nickleback songs in my head (which I’m sure you will agree is punishment enough). Thank you father.”
After lunch I set off for the downhill, which was ridiculously steep and rocky but not quite as bad as the downhill into Pearisburg, and then part of the following uphill, my final shelter of the day is about a third of the way up so I’ll finish the rest in the morning.  I did my best to keep my word and punish myself with the “music” of Nickleback on my mental radio which made the time seem to go by really slow even though a sped up so I could stop thinking about those songs.
 53 Sun
When I got to the shelter Crane was and in same pain.  He desperately needs to get new shoes because his feet are pretty bloody right now but we should be in Waynesboro the day after tomorrow so hopefully he can find something at the outfitter.
Also, there’s a guy named Sonic here.  He got his name for always wearing a blue shirt and hiking really fast.  At this point in the game I am now considered one of the faster hikers (not really fast just putting in high miles due to long days) but Sonic started 2 weeks after me!!!  He’s an ultra light hiker who can really move.  He’s looking to be finished sometime in June which means he’s going to be doing a bunch of 30+ mile days.  Crazy.
53 Water
Anyway, the shelter I am at today has a nice river about 20 feet in front of it to help soothe me to sleep.  The weather calls for rain later on tomorrow so, the three of us plan to be up early to try and beat the rain tomorrow.  Crane and I plan on doing 22 miles to be at the shelter just a few miles before town and Sonic plans on going all the way to Waynesboro.

2 thoughts on “Day 53 – Hog Camp Gap to Harpers Creek Shelter

  1. All the views don’t have to be spectacular landscapes and valleys. Show us some of the flat places, the trail itself, the little things you see along your trek. It’s a lot more interesting from my vantage point than yours, I think!

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