Day 54 – Harpers Creek Shelter to Paul C. Wolfe Shelter

22.0 miles, 53,439 steps, 535 stories climbed

865.4 miles, 2,249,646 steps, 21,935 stories climbed
Trail Magic Moments: 25
 Day 54 panorama
Well, hello everyone.  I know the blog is being posted a bit behind so I’m not sure the date this will be posted but the day I’m writing this is April 25th and I am in northern Virginia right now.
 Day 54 view
I started hiking today pretty early in hopes of beating the bad weather the was in the forecast today, I did not succeed because the weather went bad only about a half hour after I woke up.
Now, I mentioned the date above for this reason…it snowed today.  It was brief and nothing stuck but it still snowed.  The day started with very small hail and then switched to snow and for a while both snow and hail came down at the same time, which I had never seen before.  Now, I was in the mountains but only about 4000′ and the real funny thing is it wasn’t actually cold.  The temperature felt like it was in the mid 50’s(f°)!!!
Dear Spring,
    I believe it has been your time of the year for a little over a month now so would you mind explaining just what the hell is going on!?
A very concerned Hermit
The weather was crazy today, going back and forth between snow and hail and then the temperature dropped to the freezing line just in time for the rain to fall.  Where the hell did spring go!?
Anyway, the day started with me finishing my penance for my trail sins.  I climbed the rest of the mountain forcing those horrible Nickleback songs into my head (okay some Creed slipped in there too but it’s the same garbage…on a side note the book I finally finished reading was 1Q84, very strange but good book but my favorite line was near the end “Somehow the world survived the Nazis, the atomic bomb, and modern music.”)
After the climb most of the rest of the day was a very long low grade climb followed by a downhill into the shelter.  The few views that I came across were just a gray mess.
Crane and I hiked together for the first part of the day and then he decided to stop for lunch during a break in the weather as I decided to push on to the shelter.  The allure of a warm bed and food tempted me to go all the way to town but ultimately I decided against it.  Tomorrow, I’ll have a nice short day into town and I’ll get to experience the legendary Ming Garden AYCE.  It is spoken of in as an absolute must have experience on the trail with some saying it is the best part of the trail.  Hopefully, the place lives up to the hype.
 Day 54 Crane and me
Waiting at the shelter were two weekend hikers.  They worked very hard to get a fire going in the wet and rainy conditions and after succeeding, they grilled up some hot dogs that they shared with me, Crane being a vegetarian got the short end of that deal but I was more than happy to eat his share.

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