Day 55 – Paul C. Wolfe Shelter to Rockfish Gap (Waynesboro)

5.1 miles, 10,672 steps, 95 stories climbed

870.5 miles, 2,260,318 steps, 22,030 stories climbed
Another early morning though this was just by habit not choice.  The sun rises and you wake, even if it’s just after 6am.
Quickly eat breakfast as you pack all your belongings and change back into the wet clothes from yesterday.  Check the shelter once, twice and a third time just to make sure you haven’t left anything and then head back out on the trail.
I’m not quite sure what time Crane and I actually left but everything worked out perfectly today.  It was by far the lightest my pack has been.  I finished of all my snacks before heading out except for one lone Snickers bar I saved for after the hike and I only had one dinner left.  I only carried about half a liter of water since it was such a short day and so my pack was very light.
The terrain was pretty flat and not terribly rocky and while the weather kept threatening I didn’t feel any rain other than the occasional drop falling from the trees.
There wasn’t much to see along the way and we didn’t run in to anyone either.  We made it to Rockfish Gap about 8:50 and right there was an SUV dropping off a hiker.  He was kind enough to offer us a lift into town.
As we spoke to him in the SUV we come to find out he is the owner of hostel where we planned to stay…score!
We got in and got started on showers and laundry and then the owner, a PCT and AT thru-hiker named Stanimal, brought us to Ming Gardens.
Now, there are very few times in my life I can remember things being hyped up a great deal and when I experience it, it actually lives up to it but this was definitely one of them.  Mings was by far the best buffet I’ve ever had.  Soooo much food and variety and it was so good and cheap…and no I am getting nothing for advertising for them.  If you are ever in the Waynesboro, Va. area it is a must.  Sorry I don’t have any pictures, but I was too busy emptying full trays of food into my mouth.
After that Stanimal hauled us to the outfitter.  I was out of fuel and in desperate need of a new pair of pants, the pair I used to hike was so torn and frayed there was no repairing it plus the liner of one of the pockets was completely shot so it was time to retire them.  Those pants got me through the Camino and almost half the AT plus whatever else I did in them over the almost nine years between trips so I would say I got my money’s worth.
Other than that it was just the usual town day of resupply, upload pictures, talk to some people and try to relax for a bit.  The day did brighten up as the sun decided to make an appearance and will hopefully stick around for a while.

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