Day 57 – Calf Mountain Hut to Pinefield Hut

26.2 miles, 65,544 steps, 589 stories climbed

904.3 miles, 2,346,905 steps, 22,852 stories climbed
Nice to get back to some good mileage.  Woke up just before the sun and started packing and eating breakfast and was back on the trail around 7am.
57 sunrise
The terrain wasn’t too bad for the most part.  Some small ups and downs but nothing really major or long.  There were a couple of decent mountain views, the first in a few days and the trees are starting to bloom.  The long winter I guess has pushed things back a bit but the trees are starting to fill with foliage again.
 57 tree
So, if you notice I walked exactly the length of a marathon.  Pretty exciting even though I’ve done a couple of longer days already.
 57 mountain view
I spent some time thinking about the aftermath of these trips.  It would be great to have a hostel along the trail.  I don’t know if it’ll be in the cards but who knows.  Hikers are such interesting people, all the reasons they come out here and all the different experiences they’ve had.  I guess that’s true of people in general, but hikers are all people who have decided to escape the rat race for an extended period of time to instead seek out adventure.  It could simply be the pursuit of the outdoor adventure but it could be the pursuit of an internal adventure as well.
 57 view2
Silver, after a week off from hiking and nursing his injuries, didn’t want to push it too much so he stayed at the shelter where we stopped for lunch after about 13 miles.  He plans on taking it slow for now so I imagine I won’t see him again for a while.  Probably after I take some days to spend time with Maria (finally get to see my girl!!!)
 57 view
Now I’ve crossed the 900 mark and have less then 1300 left to go and I’m coming down to the final stretch of Virginia.  It’ll be great to start crossing some borders again.
57 J in front of mountain
57 selfie
57 end of day fire

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