Day 69 – Boiling Springs to Clarks Ferry Shelter

29.9 miles, 73,064 steps, 398 stories climbed

1160.0 miles, 2,985,327 steps, 27,537 stories climbed
Another late start today.  I didn’t get to the trail today until after 7 but the first 13 miles on the trail today were about as flat and easy as can be but that too had its downside.
The trail was flat because it went through a number of corn fields but that meant walking through a lot of fields, grassy fields that no one has bothered to cut yet this year.  Hours of walking through tall grass today but luckily I only found 1 tick on me and he hadn’t latched on yet.  I made sure to check numerous times though.


Also, while hiking through the flat plains of the valley I came across this terrible monster giving me an evil death stare:
In one of the fields a came across a stairway leading over a fence.  On the stairs a middle aged man was sleeping.  He woke as I got close and we had a nice conversation.
He looked and sounded as much like the stereotypical hippie as could be with his long white hair, beard and laid back attitude.  He told me about how he’s been traveling for the past few years.  He started in Latin America before heading to Asia and Australia before he ran out of money and decided to return to America a month ago.
He just got his CDL license and started driving trucks across country to make money and give him a chance to see the country as well.  He told me about the odd looks he received from other truckers when he asked them where a good place to hike around here was.  The truckers were just in a rush to make their deliveries and get paid and hurry on to the next shipment.  The never ending pursuit of money.
We said goodbye and I hiked on.  After climbing out of the valley I ended up in the town of Duncannon.  The trail goes right through this little town which can only ran one thing…Pizza Break!!!!
I stopped around 5 for some pizza and wings and about 2 liters worth of Dr. Pepper.  I was gonna sit there for a bit and allow the pizza to digest but the entertainment on the TV was Fast and Furious…I think it was number 85, you know the one where they somehow save the world by driving fast one last time…again.  I didn’t think that would help settled stomach so I just took my time to hike the rest.  
It was nice hiking a little later on, once the temperature has dropped a bit.  The hike went through the rest of Dumcannon before heading uphill to the shelter.
I arrived to an empty shelter but ended up tenting since the mosquitoes where being a bit crazy.  It’s actually the first time I’ve used my tent in almost three weeks!  I’ve been staying in shelters and hostels the rest of the time.

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