Day 70 – Clarks Ferry Shelter to Campsite right before Rausch Gap Shelter

24.6 miles, 63,101 steps, 314 stories climbed

1184.6 miles, 3,048,428 steps, 27,851 stories climbed
Well, overnight mosquito season seems to have started.  I had a pretty good nights rest but when I woke up there were about 20 mosquitoes on the netting of my tent just waiting for me.  I did as much of my morning preparations inside the tent as I could but eventually I had to steps outside and let the feast begin.
I hurried and packed as fast as I could and started hiking but there was a black cloud of blood suckers following me and that continued for around the first 2 hours.  It would let up briefly here and there but it kept starting until eventually I guess breakfast was over for them.
Today, I had no energy.  I got my miles in but it took me forever today.  There was no pain or soreness just no energy.  I’ve been pushing pretty hard lately having done 137 miles in the past 5 days.  I’d like to slow down but I still need to do another 117.5 in the next 5 days to get to the town where I finally get to meet up with Maria.  Then I can get a nice zero day and have some lovely company with me as well.
As for the trail today, there was really only one nice view and I found this guy enjoying it with me:
The trail was mostly flat and rocky which is what Pennsylvania is known for.  I only ran into one day hiker and he rushed passed after quickly saying hi.
As for what was running through my mind today well, I think it was blank most of the day.  I spent some time thinking about what it’ll be like to see Maria finally and occasionally a song or two would enter my mind but for the most part I was just trying to keep moving forward today.
Bad days are bound to happen though, even out here.  We all have those days where for whatever reason, we just go through the motions and for me that was today.  Still, my day was spent hiking, not in traffic, on the subway, in front of a computer screen or anything like that and for that I am grateful.
I finished my hike today as the mosquitoes started looking for dinner and I quickly set uptown tent, grabbed water and brought everything inside.  I even cooked in my tent today.  The mosquitoes are just staring at me, as if to say “You have to come out sometime.” And they are right.  I need to make friends with some bats, I’ve always been a mosquito magnet and have been dreading when they would come out but at least I had more than half the trail without them.  The closer you get to your goal the more difficult things get, it’s the universes way of making sure you really want and deserve whatever you’re working towards.  
I won’t let some annoying little bugs defeat me.

3 thoughts on “Day 70 – Clarks Ferry Shelter to Campsite right before Rausch Gap Shelter

  1. Unfortunately our family has always been mosquito bait. Keep on trucking towards your goal and we’ll see you soon. Miss you! ❤

  2. Jason – there are views other than spectacular mountains and valleys! Show us what’s around you as you hike; there’s beauty everywhere and you’re in the middle of it!

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