Day 73 – Campsite just past Port Clinton to New Tripoli Campsite

25.4 miles, 63,015 steps, 357 stories climbed

1254.5/943.5 miles/left, 3,227,412 steps, 28,833 stories climbed
Today the weather was perfect.  It started a little cold for the shorts and t-shirt I was wearing but a few minutes into hiking my body was warmed up and comfortable.  The sun was shining but not overbearing, I was neither cold or sweating, it was just perfect.  It’s funny how much more vulnerable we are to weather conditions when on the trail. 
It was also too cold for the mosquitoes but unfortunately not the inch worms.  I swear by the end of the day my body is just littered with them and their webs.
I felt like I was moving well today but I guess not because it took a long time to finish those 25 miles.  The rocky terrain really slows you down and tires you out faster too.  I came across a section hiker named W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. (Pronounced Wizzy Wig and stands for “what you see is what you get”).  He is hiking from a spot in Virginia up to New York which will complete everything south of Massachusetts for him.  We talked about how rocky and brutal the trail was.  He warned me that Pennsylvania will get worse before it gets better and New Jersey isn’t much better.  Not happy about that but what can you do, hopefully the new shoes will hold up through the terrain.
There were a couple of really nice views today that I was able to enjoy.  Looking down on all the farms and valleys.  
Again today, there was another bar and restaurant for me to eat at but I decided to pass by it today.  When I resupplied in Harpers Ferry almost two weeks ago I had no idea how many towns and restaurants I’d be passing.  I have barely touched my food and decided to save some money and drop some weight by eating the food I already have.  That being said, I think today was the first time I’ve had third dinner.
As I said it was a long day, I was tempted to push a little further so I’ll have less to do tomorrow but decided against it…I’m sure I’ll regret that decision tomorrow but oh well.  
I quickly set up my tent as the worms and caterpillars rained down on me.  I got everything inside my tent and hid in there as made dinner.  I can hear the worms falling on my tent from the branches 20′ up and see them crawling all over as well.  I’ll have fun dealing with that tomorrow too I guess.  


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