Day 59 – Bearfence Hut to Byrds Nest #3 Hut

22.4 miles, 56,469 steps, 474 stories climbed

947.3 miles, 2,456,385 steps, 23,844 stories climbed
A nice 7am meeting with the trail today.  Seems to be my usual time the past couple of days to hit the trail after packing everything up and having breakfast.
 59 View
Today the trail had a nice treat.  About 7 miles into the hike and not very far off the trail there was a restaurant where we were all able to get breakfast.  I had something small this morning (one of those little cherry pie fruit things you see around the Little Debbie’s stuff) just to hold me over ’till the real breakfast.
When I got there I of course ordered two meals, which got me eggs, bacon, toast, hash browns and pancakes.  Honestly, I was still hungry afterwards but I really needed to get back to the trail, otherwise, I would’ve ordered a third breakfast.
 58 White blazes
The day was overcast and weather reports were calling for rain but the day was pretty nice, for most of the day anyway.  There were a lot of great views today as well and if not for the long break for breakfast and the thought of big miles (and possible thunderstorms) I probably would have had another nice lunch with a view but I needed to push on.
 59 J in front of mountain
As the day moved on some darker clouds came in along with some thunder.  They were only threatening at the time but still enough to give concern.  I hiked on, determined to make it the 26.8 to the next shelter but about a mile shy of this shelter the thunder grew louder and the rain started to fall lightly.  The clouds grew bigger and darker and I decided to settle for the 22.4 mile day and hoped the rain would hold out long enough for me to get to the shelter.
I picked up the pace and made it to the shelter only moments before the deluge began.  It seemed everyone from that stayed at the last shelter with me that planned to push on had the same idea as we all ended up at this shelter.
Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day weather wise because it’ll be a very long day if I plan on making up the mileage.
When I was at the restaurant, I spoke to Maria briefly and she teased me with the idea that she might join me.  I would be so excited for that to happen, but until she is actually out here I won’t believe it.  She’s a workaholic and she loves her field, so it’ll be tough to pull her away, but damn it, I will keep trying!59 Just off the trail

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