Day 60 – Byrds Nest #3 Hut to Gravel Springs Hut

17.5 miles, 45,341 steps, 352 stories climbed

964.8 miles, 2,501,726 steps, 24,196 stories climbed
That was an interesting night!  Brazen mice running all across the hut, even before the sun set.  They had no fear of us at all and must have been crossbred with some spiders or something with the speed and ease they climbed the walls.  Also, the roof had a bit of a leak right above me.  There was no sign of a leak when I set up there, it just developed over the night but luckily it was small and I had enough room to move over and put my cook pot there to catch the water.
Today, I spent a good portion of the day trying to figure out how far I would hike.  Basically, my options were 17.5 or 28.  I started the day wanting to go 28 but ended up deciding against it.  The day was very foggy almost the whole day and had another restaurant right off the trail I stopped for at lunch.
As I hiked to the restaurant debating what to do, I realized that I’ve fallen into the trap of simply loving the mileage.  I’ve enjoyed getting the bigger mileage and my pace getting faster but I need to remember that this is a vacation, this is a good time and I need to relax and enjoy it.  This isn’t a job or a mission and if I rush too much I might end up getting hurt and not finishing.  I want to be done in early August and I don’t need to keep doing 20+ mile days to do that.  I’ll still do them of course from time to time but I don’t need to do that every day.
As I said the day was very foggy.  The fog didn’t start to clear up until near the end of the hike.  I did manage to get one picture with a nice view but that was about it.
The food at the restaurant was also a bit of a disappointment, overpriced and not very special…and that’s coming from a ravenous thru-hiker!
The trail itself was rather simple.  I did get tempted when the weather got nicer as I reached the shelter to go the extra 10.5 to get to the next shelter but I would t have gotten there until around 7:30 and I didn’t want to hike till that late.
Tomorrow, hopefully, the weather will be nice.  I’ll be leaving Shenandoah Park (without any bear sightings it would seem) tomorrow so I’ll be able to have more choices for where to camp.

3 thoughts on “Day 60 – Byrds Nest #3 Hut to Gravel Springs Hut

  1. Following several thru hikers’ blogs trying to motivate my aging body and mind into seriously reviving the dream to do the whole trail. Maybe. I’m worried about the weight of the stuff needed. I hiked a bit when younger and the pack weight kicked my butt. Have you come across anyone using a pack trailer? I’ve read they can travel pretty rough ground and it seems a good alternative to knee replacements and cardiac arrest.

    1. No I haven’t but I have met people in their 60’s and 70’s doing it. Just travel as light as possible, take your time and listen to your body and hike your own hike.

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