Day 61 – Gravel Springs Hut to Manassas Gap Shelter

24.1 miles, 56,302 steps, 465 stories climbed

988.9 miles, 2,558,028 steps, 24,661 stories climbed
Trail Magic Moments: 27
 61 view
Okay, I know what I said yesterday but it was a short 24.1 miles.  I had a bit of a later start than normal but I seemed to have some energy today.
About 7 miles into the hike there was an odd site…I ran into Fresh Ground!!!  With a pack on!!!  He closed up his cafe for now, headed up to Harpers Ferry and is currently hiking South Bound, he’s not sure how far but it was a strange thing to see.  We spoke for a bit and he seemed happy to be hiking the trail.  Best of luck to him!
After that there was only a few miles to the first shelter, which I was tempted to hike to last night, where O stopped a bit for lunch.
 61 frog
After lunch I had a nice burst of energy that pushed me the rest of the way.  I left Shenandoah Park, with this being the only bear I saw:
 61 bear
 and kept pushing.
I also almost stepped on this guy as well.  I guess camouflage isn’t always a good thing.
 61 frog
I ended up hitting the shelter around 5 but not without coming across some free bananas along the way.
 61 trail magic
Today, was the last day of my second month.  I’m just shy of 1000 miles, and I will actually cross that mark tomorrow, it’s going by so fast.  I can’t believe how far of come already and yet I’m still not even halfway done!

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