Day 62 – Manassas Gap Shelter to Bears Den Hostel

22.9 miles, 59,375 steps, 522 stories climbed

1011.8 miles, 2,617,403 steps, 25,183 stories climbed
Over 1000 miles!!!  Woohoo!!! There was absolutely no marker whatsoever  but I made it!
I’m not quite sure what was up with me today, I just felt really tired.  I had a good night’s sleep and woke up at my regular time but was just tired from the very beginning of the day.  I was very excited to cross 1000 miles and to also get to a hostel and finally get a shower and do some laundry and even though my pace was pretty normal, I was just tired.  I struggled to get to my lunch stop around 13 miles in.
I took a longer than normal lunch break and ate a bit extra.  The next section of the trail was called the Roller Coaster and I was created by this sign:
The roller coaster is a 13.5 mile stretch of continuous short but steep ups and downs.  The hostel is about 9.5 miles into the roller coaster so I still have about 4 miles to go but I’ll deal with that tomorrow.
I pushed and pushed to get through the roller coaster and to the hostel but my pace slowed and I didn’t arrive until after 5:30.
When I arrived the Slug Club was waiting for me, a large group of 17-20 year olds traveling together, which I’ve been trying to avoid, not because there’s anything wrong with them just because it’s a group of over 10 people which usually takes up most of the tent/shelter spots.
Bears Den Hostel. Spent the night in this castle.
Most of them decided to tent so I was able to get a bunk.  It felt so good to get a shower and put on some clean clothes.  A heat wave has come in so the past two days I’ve been a sweaty mess and it was nice to feel human again.
I think tomorrow I’ll take it a bit easier but that all depends on how I feel in the morning I guess.  The thought of crossing the border and leaving Virginia behind tomorrow might be too tempting and push me farther than I’m currently planning.  Who knows.  I find my plans are changing more and more often now.  Who needs plans?
I was also thinking today about how in two weeks Maria will finally be out here with me.  I can’t believe I haven’t seen her in 2 months!  Hell, I’ve barely been able to speak to her. I’m making room in my backpack now though so I can stuff her in there.  I just have to find a way to make sure she can’t get out and run back to her job.  Damn workaholic! 🙂

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