Day 64 – Sit on my butt Zero Day

0.0 miles

So zero number 4.  My last zero before I get to see Maria.  Quite frankly I’m not a big fan of the zero days I just know I should take them every two weeks or so.
I always have a ton of stuff to do.  Today I spent time uploading all the blogs for the past week for Maria to edit and uploaded all the pictures.  I’ve also been having trouble uploading pictures to WordPress for whatever reason so I went back and relabeled every picture I have on Facebook with the trail day they were taken to make it easier for Maria to upload those pictures (editing 300 or so pictures on the mobile version of Facebook and trying to figure out which trail day I took them took forever).  I had to figure out my hike plan for the next two weeks so I know how to supply and where to meet Maria and then I went and did my resupply.  Even with all that I was bored out of my mind.
The allure of the town that I had in the beginning is mostly gone.  I love the shower, laundry and food but beyond that…eh.  Seriously, what do people who are home all day do?  What the hell did I used to do!?
Yesterday, I was walking through the woods with the flowers blooming and the beautiful smells of those flowers everywhere, birds were singing, leaves were rustling and all my senses were being overwhelmed with the beauty of nature.
Today, I sit in a rundown motel room that looks like it hasn’t been updated or renovated in my lifetime and whenever it was they did the cheapest job possible (the outlets aren’t even set in the wall, both the cables and the outlet were just mounted right on the wall).  The room reeks of cigarettes even though it is a non-smoking room, I witnessed a drug deal and people are screaming at one another.  This is the civilized life though and I’m the crazy one by foregoing such comforts and luxuries to live in the woods.
I hope, whenever I’m forced to return to the “real” world I remember this feeling and that I never forget it.  As I write this I’m reminded of a conversation I had with another hiker a while back about books.  Everyone feared the world becoming like Orwell’s 1984 with big brother watching us but in reality we should fear our world becoming more like Huxley’s A Brave New World in which we are all basically groomed from birth to fulfill one job in society and do it without complaint or individuality under the illusion of freedom and whenever we start to see and realize the truth we are simply given Soma (in the story Soma is the perfect drug with no side effects) to help us forget our troubles and see that the world is amazing.
Take away our drugs and alcohol, take away our distractions, take away our illusions and we are generally a mass of unhappiness and discontent simply working to make money and create the products of our disillusionment and then spend our money buying the very products we make to distract ourselves.
Where and when did we go wrong?  Is there a way to fix it?  Buddhists talk about a way out of the cycle of life and death but is there a way out of the cycle of production and consumption?

3 thoughts on “Day 64 – Sit on my butt Zero Day

  1. Sometimes reading your posts makes me want to jump out of my skin and DO something, GO somewhere (am in the planning stages). I don’t have it in me to do the type of traveling you’re doing now, but I’m itching to just GO. You’re inspirational! Hope Maria is enjoying the trail; I’ll see her soon and hear all about it!

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