Day 66 – Rocky Run Shelter to Deer Lick Shelters

30.2 miles, 71,288 steps, 560 stories climbed

1077.8 miles, 2,788,790 steps, 26,383 stories climbed


 There it is…my first 30 miler of the trip.  I feel good right now, let’s see how I feel in the morning though.
Today I knocked Maryland off the list and now I will sleep in Pennsylvania.  6 states down and 8 to go.  I also crossed to the north side of the Mason Dixon line as well!
I woke up early and was hiking by 6:30am since I knew I was trying for 30.  I hit the trail and pushed my speed much faster than normal and did really well.
Not too far into the hike I came across the original Washington Monument.  A small stone tower on top of a hill with a very nice view of the surrounding area.


After that there were a couple of views but not anything out of the ordinary.  The trail today crossed a number of highways and spent some time in residential areas.  The terrain in Maryland was very easy right up until around the border when there really was no longer a trail, just a collection of boulders and rocks all over the place with an occasional tree that had a white blaze on it as the only way to tell where to go.
This past Sunday was the flip flop kickoff in Harpers Ferry for people who will start there and hike all the way either north or south and then head all the way to the opposite end and finish in Harpers Ferry.  
It’s interesting to watch all these new hikers with their over stuffed packs struggling to cover small distances.  I haven’t really seen that since the beginning when I was also one of them.  I feel for them but at least they don’t have to start with all the mountains of GA, NC and TN.  They get to ease their way into it a bit.
Anyway, time to get some rest I’ve got another big day tomorrow!

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