Day 67 – Deer Lick Shelters to Ironasters Mansion Hostel

33.0 miles, 71,732 steps, 442 stories climbed

1110.8 miles, 2,860,522 steps, 26,825 stories climbed
Trail Magic Moments: 31
Today was a big day for a number of reasons, with a small amount of disappointment as well.
As you can see I had another big day, biggest on the trail so far at 33 miles. My original plan was to do just under 30 but then I would get to the half gallon ice cream challenge early in the morning and I didn’t want that so I decided to do the whole 33 to get there today. 


I had some determination and energy and was able to maintain a fast pace for the entire day.  I also got on the trail just after 6am.
I caught up to Scout, Akuna and Cake Boss, a group of younger guys that I’ve been playing leap frog with for a while now.  We hiked together for a while but surprisingly they couldn’t keep up today, usually they breeze past me and look like they’re taking a nice easy stroll through the park while doing it.
While hiking, the four of us came across a very angry black snake.  He was ready to strike, which was surprising to see, usually they just slither away but not this guy.
I kept hiking and the guys fell back.  I was just in a zone today, not much running through my mind, just putting in the steps and trying to get those miles in.  I was so focused I completely forgot to pay attention to my halfway point from the approach trail but I came across the halfway point for the AT as well as an old halfway point sign.  It was incredibly exciting.  I am more than halfway done now!
I continued on and also crossed the 1100 mile mark meaning I now have less than 1100 miles to go!
The day was hot and humid but a small thunderstorm came through at the perfect time to cool me down and get rid of the humidity.  I was Charlie Brown today I guess because it seems the storm was so small many hikers didn’t even experience it but it rained on me for probably a half hour.
Is aged to finish my miles just as the hostel opened, at 5, grabbed my bunk and headed next door to attempt the half gallon challenge.
Here’s where the disappointment comes in as I failed to complete the challenge.  Basically, they give you a 1.5 quart container to start with and then after that you have to eat a pint and that’s your half gallon.  I finished off the 1.5 quart but was not feeling it after that.  My stomach still had room but it was not happy with all that dairy (and the 240g of sugar in that container). Disappointing but not that big a deal.  I’ll probably be thankful tomorrow.  The good news is that some shopper decided to pay it forward before I got there so at least my 1.5 quart was free.
The slug clubs managed to catch up to me around the time I started the challenge.  Yellow Beard attempted it but did not get very far.  Bee finished the 1.5 quart container but couldn’t make much progress on the pint but Stretch managed to complete the challenge but neither were feeling well afterward.
Now it’s laundry and shower time!

One thought on “Day 67 – Deer Lick Shelters to Ironasters Mansion Hostel

  1. Glad you escaped the black snake without problems, however with all that eating I’m surprised about the ice cream challenge. Glad you’re more than 1/2 way done. ❤

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