Day 72 – Hertline Campsite to Campsite just past Port Clinton

21.3 miles, 55,713 steps, 273 stories climbed

1229.1/968.9 miles/left, 3,164,397 steps, 28,476 stories climbed
Today was a much better day.  There has been a heat wave of late which has brought the temperatures up into the 80’s with a great deal of humidity but today was down in the 60’s…you know around where temperatures should be around this time of year.  And thanks to the lower temperatures there were far less bugs as well.
I got up and packed up and said my goodbyes to Shadow and Junebug, who were cooking their breakfast as I left, goodbye and good luck on their hikes and headed on.
The trail in Pennsylvania continues to be incredibly rocky and my boots are on their last legs.  My boots have carried me on the whole trail so far, I’m the only one I know that hasn’t switched out footwear yet, but over 1200 miles and the jagged rocks of Pennsylvania have torn up the soles and leather of these boots.  I certainly got my money’s worth though.  Maria is bringing me my new pair on Sunday, so I just need these boots to carry me a little less than 100 miles.  
It was another day of solitude with very few hikers along the trail.  I came across one as I neared Port Clinton but we barely spoke.  The last mile or so into Port Clinton was a bit crazy.  The downhill was so ridiculously steep that I just barely had enough traction to keep from sliding down.  It had to be at least a 60% grade hill and that is not an exaggeration.  Craziness! 
I hiked in to Port Clinton assuming that I would just buy some food, I was good on meals but low on snacks to pick at while I hiked.  I was unaware that right next to the small store was a hotel that had a bar and restaurant (well I knew about the hotel but not the food and beer).  So, change of plans, eat food and drink beer, then get some snacks and then hike to a campsite outside of town.
It appeared I showed up on the right day too because they had a wings and yuengs special where you get 18 wings for $11 and all your Yuengling pints are only $2…score!!!  I enjoyed my fill as Ellen Degeneres gave away vehicles, sports memorabilia and money to a family going through a rough time on TV.  Soon into my meal the hiker I past before came in and we talked only briefly between bites and drinks.  
His trail name is Old Scout because he has been a scout master for a long time.  He intended on being a thru-hiker but when he started the trail was way too crowded so he shuttled up to Harpers Ferry and is heading to Katahdin from there and then shuttling back to Harpers Ferry and heading south to complete his flip-flop.  I’m glad he came up with another plan instead of just being disgusted with the overcrowded trail and quitting as I’m sure a bunch of people did.
After eating I headed next door for snacks.  I thought it would be like a convenience store but it was actually a shop that makes its own candy and chocolate and they were desperately trying to unload their Easter candy with a buy 1 get 5 deal!!!  I decided to help them out so now I have a bunch of chocolate bunnies.
I then hiked out of town, a bit slow from all the food and beer, and not too long into that hike it was time to climb back out of town with a similar hill to the one that brought me into town only this time I had to climb up it.
It took me a while but I eventually made it to my campsite and now I get to relax and read in peace as I wait for the Sandman to come and visit me.

2 thoughts on “Day 72 – Hertline Campsite to Campsite just past Port Clinton

  1. All those bunnies I’m sure melted from the heat but I’m sure you don’t mind what they look like. ❤

  2. Must have just missed you. Did a training hike from the gamelands parking lot just south of Eckville to “The Pinnacle” on 5/29 (Friday). Cool start but it was warm and muggy by the time I stumbled back to my truck. PA is definitely rocky! Next training hike will be north from that parking lot to Dan’s Pulpit later his week. Good luck on your walk. Will be following your posts. March on!

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