Day 75 – Leroy A. Smith Shelter to Delaware Water Gap

20.2 miles, 51,027 steps, 209 stories climbed

1302.2/895.8 miles/left, 3,348,712 steps, 29,425 stories climbed
Trail Magic Moments: 33
Another early day as I was anxious to get in to town.  I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to take a shower so bad, I’ve been covered with a mixture of dead carcasses of inch worms and mosquitoes and sweat for days.  
Aside from my desire to bathe, my body needed the rest and the weather called for storms later on today and as bad as Pennsylvania has been for terrain I’ve been incredibly lucky in not having to hike at all in the rain over the rocks (I fear for anyone hiking the Lehigh Gap region I did yesterday in the rain) and I’d like to keep it that way.
The hike today had some rocky portions but nothing like yesterday.  The rain kept threatening and even started to drizzle down a few times but never came down hard which I was certainly grateful for.  
The trail was a bit more crowded than normal since it’s Saturday.  Day hikers and families were out in full force.  You could smell the fabric softener, deodorant and cologne/perfume from a mile away (as I’m sure they could smell the sweat, lack of deodorant and stench from my boots from a mile away). 
As I got near the town someone was kind enough to leave a cooler filled with ice and cokes.  I love me some trail magic!!!
As I entered the town I came across fellow hiker Rebel Yell.  I met him yesterday and we spoke briefly about the Lehigh Gap craziness.  Today, I sat with him outside the outfitter for a little while before heading to the inn.
Rebel Yell and I discussed the craziness of Pennsylvania.  The trail maintainers  are seriously trying to kill us.  Not only are we made to do these dangerous hikes but the people who paint the white blazes painted them on the worst possible paths through the rocks.
We also spent some time talking about a fellow hiker and our mutual dislike of him.  I won’t mention his name but he was at the shelter last night and timed me on how long it took me to get water and figured out my pace for the day.  He wouldn’t stop talking about how fast his pace was, how many of his partners he had to leave behind because they were too slow.  He kept asking me what my start number was, how many zeroes I’d taken etc., to try and gauge my pace and figure out how I managed to get here faster than him.
Honestly, why are you out here?  One of the biggest sayings out here is HYOH, or hike your own hike.  There is no reason to race other people, it doesn’t prove anything.  If you’re out here to out hike people than you are out here for the wrong reason.  It’s funny, I think the more people brag about themselves to make themselves sound cool the more sad they actually look.  That’s just me though.  But I’m sure he has a story and hasn’t yet learned to channel his demons. There’s always a reason for people to act the way that they do and I’m sure it comes from a place of insecurity.  Hopefully he can leave some of his insecurities behind on the trail and learn that he is enough, and has nothing to prove to anyone. 
On another note, Maria is coming tomorrow (Happy dance!) πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

2 thoughts on “Day 75 – Leroy A. Smith Shelter to Delaware Water Gap

  1. Glad you’re getting that shower before she arrives, lol. Anyways like you said it’s not a race. I’d rather you take your time and stay safe and healthy. Miss you. ❀

  2. I feel sorry for that guy – everything about him SCREAMS insecurity. As you said, perhaps the trail will eventually help him out.

    And YAY for Maria! Looking forward to hearing what she thinks of the trail.

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