Day 95 – Brassie Brook Shelter

3.4 miles, 60,181 steps, 580 stories climbed

1513.0/685 miles/left, 3,923,265 steps, 33,861 stories climbed
Trail Magic Moments: 40
Another early morning, packed up and ready to go.  The first night in the new tent went fine and the weather stayed nice.
Very early in the hike I came across this cooler tied to a tree.  It was filled with soda and chocolate kept cold by a large chunk of ice.  Nice way to start the day.
 Yup.  This is part of the trail.
Yup. This is part of the trail.
I hiked out and the first person I came across was Smithwick, named so for the brand of socks he wears.  He just started his section hike this week from Bear Mountain, he plans on going all the way to Katahdin and then doing the rest next year when he finishes college.
He made me feel pretty strong as his young but uninitiated legs struggled to keep up with me before falling back.
View from tent
View from tent
Then the opposite happened as Laughtrack came out of no where.  She put her legs in cruise control for a bit to hike with me.  I told her about my wrong turn yesterday and she said Deer Dog had done the same thing and she almost did too.  Then she shifted into gear and before long she was no longer in view.  The rest of the day I was alone.
 95 Hydroelectric plant
I came across what probably would have been a beautiful waterfall before someone built a dam and a hydroelectric plant but hey we need our electric and this way is better than most.  It was still a nice view though.
 95- falls 95 J in front of falls
Then I came across this odd rock named Giant’s Thumb.
 95 Giant's thumb
Before heading off the beaten trail to go into Salisbury for some food, beer and a small resupply of snacks.  On the way in I was clocked at 3mph, not a bad hiking speed.
I had a nice meal of a curry chicken soup, bacon cheeseburger, bourbon pecan pie and two Bass Ales.  Then headed to the extraordinarily overpriced grocery store for a few snacks to hold me over to the next town.
After that it was a 5 mile hike to the shelter to relax and unwind.  I was tempted to hike a little further, I am only 2 miles from the MA border and there is a campsite right after that but 1 more night of CT won’t kill me.
 95HIker speed
With today’s hike I have now crossed over 1500 miles!  Just 685 to go.  I’m getting so close to the finish!  I was thinking back today to when I was excited to have finished 700 miles and now I have less than that left!
95-Trail magic moment #40
More trail magic

95-Tent without rainfly

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