Day 92 – RPH Shelter

18.8 miles, 50,494 steps, 423 stories climbed

1437.6/760.4 miles/left, 3,723,468 steps, 32,047 stories climbed
I was up and out early and making decent time today.  The feet feel better after returning to the Vasque boots, they’re still a bit stiff since I didn’t get to break them in, but it’s better than the Crocs and much better than the Salomons (this is not a sponsored post, btw).
 trees 92
After discussing it with some other hikers it turns out many of them have had the same issue with the Salomon shoes.  I’ve heard Not Yet just cut the top of the back of his shoes off due to the same problem.
The rain was a constant today but never really heavy and without the angry thunderstorms.  I pushed on through the day and there was very little interruption from rocks.  It was an early day and I was tempted to hike to the next shelter but I need to give my boots a bit more time break in.  I’ll give them more of a workout tomorrow.

I am starting to see some old faces again, which is nice.  Ox, Frodo, Chase, people I haven’t seen for over a month.  I look in the log book and see other familiar names right in front of me.  Failure is only a day ahead, Deer Dog 2 and Silver left me a message in the log book that I need to hurry up and catch up to him, he’s about 3 days ahead right now.  It’ll be nice to catch up with them.  It’s so nice to see these familiar faces!

Shelter with walls!  AND you can order pizza and Chinese food from there.  HEAVEN.
Shelter with walls! AND you can order pizza and Chinese food from there. HEAVEN.
The weather will hopefully be better tomorrow, I want to get back to the longer days again and take advantage of the flat terrain before I hit Vermont and I start have to deal with real mountains again.

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