Day 93 – Ten Mile River Shelter

29.6 miles, 72,439 steps, 635 stories climbed

1467.2/730.8 miles/left, 3,795,907 steps, 32,682 stories climbed
Trail Magic Moments: 39
Let me take a selfie.
Let me take a selfie.
That was a long day.  It felt good to put some miles on again, even if it wasn’t my original intention.
 93 chairs
It wasn’t the best night of sleep, thanks to some snoring by a fellow hiker, so I was pretty tired when I woke up.
 93 trail
It took me forever to pack up and get out but not too far into the hike I woke up and started moving like I did before all these breaks I’ve taken lately.
The trail wasn’t too rocky or hilly and the weather was cool for this time of year but no rain.  Best of all, the unseasonable cold has sent the bugs into hiding the past few days.
I really hit my stride a few miles in and was feeling great.  I’m glad I went back to my old shoes.
 Glad to be back in my Vasques

Trail Magix
Trail Magic
During the hike I passed a lake named Nuclear Lake.  This lake earned that name because there used to be a plutonium research facility near it which had an accidental explosion.  I’m not sure if all the details but I know I’m not taking any water from that lake.  It was very controversial back in the early 80’s when they decided to have the trail go through the area.  The facility has since been torn down but who knows what, if any, after effects linger.
 Plutonium lake
I came across the train station that I had originally planned on using to get to New York, it doesn’t run on weekdays luckily, otherwise I might have been tempted to stop for another visit.  I reaaaalllyy miss Maria!
 93 train station
The train station made me think about this hike and how now for the first time I’m hiking away from home. The whole hike, I’ve been heading north towards New York and now I’m heading away.  Even on the Camino I was hiking towards New York but now I’m moving farther away.  It’s a sad thought but the finish line is getting closer and closer and the prize for finishing is a year filled with both adventure and time with Maria, a  wonderful reward I think.
Goodbye to NYC.  See you soon!
Not long after the train station was a spot on the side of the road with some water bottles and bandages for hikers.  After that I hiked through a cow pasture where the cows were not very happy to see me.  They stared at me, circled around me, and mooed like crazy.
Cows hate me 93
I reached my goal shelter but it was still pretty early and the next shelter was only 4 miles away so I decided to go for it.
I ended up crossing into Connecticut.  I made it to the last hill of the day but I hit a wall there and was running on fumes to get up to the top.  The shelter was down at the bottom of the hill on the other side and I slowly made my way there.  I still had plenty of sunlight left to cook and such but I was beat.
 93 welcome to ct
Now, many thru-hikers use the term hiker trash to describe some of the traits hikers take on in the wilderness but today, thanks to Maria, I am demonstrating straight up hiker class.  This is my bottle of Mondavi Chardonnay with some cheese, crackers and pepperoni.  This is hiking in style.
Hiking like a sir.
Hiking like a sir.

2 thoughts on “Day 93 – Ten Mile River Shelter

  1. Glad for your new shoes and the time you’re making. And grateful to Maria for taking good care of you. Just think you’ll be done before your know it. Xoxoxo

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