Day 97 – Berkshire Lakeside Lodge

22.7 miles, 57,377 steps, 488 stories climbed

1558.9/639.1 miles/left, 4,042,422 steps, 34,857 stories climbed


Wow did that campsite fill up last night.  When I packed up in the morning, a number of tents had been added and the bearbox was filled with food.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen so many people at a campsite.
I dug through the box until I found my food bag, packed and was out before anyone else woke up.  I think I was the only thru-hiker there, the rest were all weekenders.
I hiked on as the trail meandered through the forests, occasionally crossing a road or an overgrown field.
I came across a group of people that were training some service dogs.  The dogs kept trying to stay with me and get to the jerky in my right pocket and the trainer would have to call them back.  Eventually I escaped their noses and kept moving.
 97 Woods
My original goal for the day was a shelter called Upper Goose Pond Cabin.  This is a cabin with a caretaker, mattresses, a lake front view, canoes and supposedly pancakes in the morning.  All that for a donation.  I skipped it though, which was probably a poor move.
The cabin was a half mile off trail, making it not worth just a visit if I wasn’t staying (and it was afternoon so no pancakes) and I wanted to be a bit closer to tomorrow’s destination, the town of Dalton.  So, I kept hiking on.
I ended up not making it too much further though.  Another 1.6 miles was a road with a motel right there.  I walked over to it just to fill some water and throw out my garbage (by this point I had a pretty good amount) but ended up getting a room there for the allure of a shower and a pizza delivery was just too much.
It will save me the 2.1 miles tomorrow which gets me into Dalton a bit sooner but it most certainly wasn’t the most thrifty move.

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