Day 99 – Mark Noepel Shelter

99 Rain

13.9 miles, 36,279 steps, 371 stories climbed

1591.8/606.2 miles/left, 4,126,989 steps, 35,573 stories climbed
Trail Magic Moments: 43
 99 woods
Today seemed to be a perfect storm of things to prevent me from getting some miles in and causing a shorter day than I would have liked.
It started with me waking up around 2am and having trouble getting back to sleep.  When I finally did get back to sleep I ended up not waking up until after 8am.  I was feeling very sluggish as well and it took me forever to get ready.  I ended up not leaving until after 9am and decided to stop and get a breakfast sandwich.
I hiked out under some ominous looking clouds and on some very wet and slippery terrain.  I just couldn’t get myself moving.
I was going very slot and slipping over all the wet rocks and roots as I past through the forests.  I knew right away I had no chance of reaching my goal today.
Around noon I made it to Cheshire which was around 8 miles in and I stopped at a little sandwich shop and got a meatball sub.  A bit pricey and underwhelming and did not fill me at all so I ended up going to a Dunkin’ Donuts to get more food.
At the Dunkin’ I came across two older ladies who I helped earlier (they almost missed a turn when we got into town) and we talked briefly.  They are hiking the Long Trail which, is a 273 mile trail that not only predates the AT (it was the first long distance trail in the US) but was supposedly the inspiration for the AT and coincides with the AT for a little over 100 miles. (One of the ladies was kind enough to tell me I had the most beautiful eyes, don’t worry Maria these eyes are only for you.)
 99 Rain
As soon as I was ready to leave the rain came down, not really hard but steady.  I had planned on trying to hike to the shelter after the one I’m staying at (another 6.6 away) but the thunder started to rumble and so when I got here I decided to stay and I’m glad I did.
While not where I want to be now, the rain has been on and off but when it’s been on it’s been really bad.  I would have been drenched and miserable but now I’m dry and have a full stomach.
As far as today’s trail magic well, I was starting to worry about my fuel supply.  I have enough for a few days but I don’t think I’ll come across a place to get more for about 5 days.  When I got to the shelter, someone had left a canister that is nearly full.  Now between the 2 I should have enough to last me a few weeks.

One thought on “Day 99 – Mark Noepel Shelter

  1. Thank God for those trail magics. Can’t wait until you’re done and can get some well earned rest. ❤

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