Day 100! – Seth Warner Shelter

16.5 miles, 51,747 steps, 426 stories climbed

1608.3/589.7 miles/left, 4,178,736 steps, 35,999 stories climbed


Another shorter than expected day.  I got up at a good time and the air was just filled with an eerie fog.  
The day started with an uphill climb through the slog of mud from the past few days of storms.  I fought my way up to the peak of Mt. Greylock, highest point in MA, and was greeted with a locked tower surrounded in fog.
Up on top it was a bit confusing with three trails converging up there and it wasn’t really marked off that well, made a few wrong turns but nothing too bad.
After that, it was all down hill, still through the slippery mud, until I hit a road right between two towns.  I took a left and headed in to North Adams where there was a Chinese Buffet and a grocery store less than a mile off the trail.
I was able to get a nice big lunch, charge my phone and talk to Maria a bit and get my resupply done but I spent way too long in town.
I was hoping I could make good time and still reach my goal bit right out of town was a big climb filled with either wet slippery rocks or mud.
However, I stills ages to hit some major milestones today.  I have crossed the 1600 mile mark, I have less than 600 miles to go and most importantly, I am now in Vermont.  11 states down and only 3 left!!!


2 thoughts on “Day 100! – Seth Warner Shelter

  1. Finally, you’ve been to some places I know — actually gives your journal a bit more complexity for me. Mount Greylock? North Adams? Been there. Glad you were there too!

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